Thrive Men’s Grooming Products

Father’s Day is coming and I say don’t buy him another tie.  Check out these wonderful products from Thrive and their new Natural Care Line.  Thrive’s team Mario, Rafael, Laura and Alex are attempting to restore the planet and your skin all in one big effort.  And; they are doing just that.  These products are simply great for you and the companies fair trade efforts make this a purchase great for the economy as well.  They decided that no one should have to settle for the products out there today and they went as far as Costa Rica to obtain the highest quality in natural ingredients in extraordinary skin care.  The secret? It may be in the medicinal plants there that help restore a man’s skin.  “Fierrillo”helps to control skin inflammation.  “Juanilama” is a natural antioxidant and brings that fantastic fragrance I was talking about.

My husband put the line to the test and was thrilled with the quality and results.  Their face wash removes oils and daily grime without drying your skin.  I adored the fragrance.  The shave oil; well this one we will be buying again and again.  My husband never cared for the foams out there; they always cause skin flare up and never get the job totally done.  This oil is amazing! Super close shave, no irritation and because the soap consistency isn’t clogging up your razor you will not have to replace it as often.  Thrive’s face balm helps finish the three-step process by softening and restoring the skin.  It also heals dry and sun damaged skin.  The hubbies skin was soft like a baby’s after only a few days of use.

Thrives Natural Skin Care products range from $9.99-$14.99 (purchase a skin care kit for $29.99).  Please visit for more information and to purchase products.  Please read the team’s inspirational story! You may also visit them on facebook at


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