As the weather gets warmer and we are crawling out of our igloos and into society, lets remember ladies: SAFETY FIRST.  Enter “Tigerlady”, a new and innovative line of self-defense that just may make you feel better walking to your car alone.  This is super light and super easy to use in 3 steps.  First off, before heading out on your own, simply secure the strap to your wrist.  Place “Tigerlady” in the palm of your hands, logo facing up.  To activate, close your hand and make a fist.  It was less than 2 ounces but surely can pack a mean punch.

Tigerlady was designed by the Levine family using a basic “cat scratching” model.  It will never expire, never need a battery and fits in any size purse.  When its “claws come out”, hollow channels on its underside capture your attackers DNA for analysis.  Their motto: “you don’t need to see him to ID him”.  A cool company feature that warmed my heart; Tigerlady is assembled right here in the USA by disabled veterans.  Tigerlady retails for $35.99 and is available for purchase by visiting tigerlady.com.  By visiting them on Facebook at facebook.com/mytigerlady you can read the company’s current newsletter and even scoop up their latest coupon code or internet special.    A portion of the proceeds of all sales will go to a non-profit committed to ending violence against women.   You will be less nervous, super confident and ready to go about your day.

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