Tiny Teethers

This post is for all the incredibly cute babies out there.  Quarantine hasn’t been a walk in the park for them either; teething is the worst!

Tiny Teethers offers these adorable baby accessories that truly make the greatest gifts.  From pacifier clips, to teethers, to teething necklaces you can rest assured you are purchasing a safe, functional and stylish gift for the baby in your life!  Silicone Pacifier Clips are the perfect option to safely secure babies favorite paci.  There really aren’t many moving parts and no metal.  Your little one can actually safely chew on the entire clip (not just the adorably colored beads).  This item will run you about $15.00.

How about an actual teether on the beaded silicone clip!  That is also an option to buy for just under $20.00 Choose from patterns like cookie, hedgehog, koala, raccoon or even an wooden ring.  This is durable all day chewing that you know they cannot get hurt on and will not fall to the ground every ten seconds.

These items are BPA Free, 100% silicone, soft on your babies gums, and contain NO lead, phthalates, or metals of any kind.  Easy to clean in just warm soapy water.  These should not go in the dishwasher or bottle sterilizer.