Top 10 Instagram Moms to Follow

Okay, below is our first annual list of the Top Ten Instagram Fitness Moms to follow. What was the criteria to make this list? I went through dozens of entries and tried to focus on:

1) Moms I can learn from.

2) Moms that didn’t make think I was just there to watch somebody act sexy.

3) Moms I wanted to basically be.

So there’s my goal list.  Below I put them in no particular order but I did secretly add them to my own personal Instagram. I love them all so without further babble, here’s the top Instagram fitness moms.

Top Ten Instagram Fitness Moms

1) Mother of two, biomechanist/author Katy Bowman’s is a mom with a brain. I love it! This mom makes me feel like I can relate to her. Definitely worth a follow.

2) I love this one. It’s like she’s just being real and losing her mind. Here Melanie Knopke shows what’s healthy in her fridge:

3) Lara Heimann is a Yoga Pioneer and a Physical Therapist. I eat Bon Bons. She works out and looks incredible nad beautiful. I can watch her and feel accomplished while I eat those Bon Bons.

4) Taylor Walker is a fitness Mom and this workout below, I actually just did it. Okay, I attempted to do it. Okay I watched her do it and felt sorry about my life.

5) Sloane Davis of Pancakes and Pushups. Girl, you had me at Pancakes! I mean why are you ruining it with the pushups. But I love the fact that her workouts here are do-able and within reach. Plus she’s a real mom.

6) Alexa Jean here is lifting her adorable daughter like in a Yoga pose. I mean, seriously, that’s a great way to work out but I think I’d pull my uterus out! Is this seriously possible? But it is totes adorbs when she dances with her. I feel better now.

7) Jennifer Cohen is a coach and into the habits and has wonderful great skills. That said, I love that she’s a workout mom who looks and talks like a real mom. Look at her in this! If I could do this I’d clean the toys from under the kid’s bed ten times faster

8) Sure, Amanda Seghetti is a great work out mom but if you look at what I included below, I loved her posts when she focuses on being a Mom. Look at what she did to help the kids deal with Corona!

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Yesterday was to be the release date for the new live-action Mulan movie. Unfortunately, we will have to wait a while before we can watch one of our favorite Disney heroines in theaters. That isn't stopping us from loving Mulan at home though! Kaiden has enjoyed sharing the beautiful story of Mulan and how she fought for her family and her country. Not only do I love that Aren is growing up with stories that show her how strong, brave, and powerful women can truly be, but I LOVE that my son is growing up learning that as well. You will love this beautifully illustrated book, with text that is easy enough for the little ones to understand and emotion-filled enough for older readers to enjoy. Thank you to @harperkids for sending us this book to enjoy and share with all of our book-loving friends. #harperkids #mulan #mulanthelegendofthewomanwarrior #bookstagram #bookworm #reading #booknerd #amreading #instabook #books #bookrec #bookish #kidbookrecs #middlegradebooks #middlegradereads #childrensbooks #kidsbookstagram #kidsbookswelove #raisingreaders #bookreview #historicalfiction #fiction #disneyprincess #disneymulan #mulandisney #mulanliveaction #mulan2020 #siblinggoals #

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9) Jamie Hess is a fitness Mom doing Quarantine Tone. You gotta tune into these live ones as she really gets into it.

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In athletics, we’re often reminded to lift our eyeline. . 🧘🏼‍♀️In yoga, we find our Drishti 🏃🏽‍♀️In running, we lift our gaze from our feet to the horizon 🐴Even growing up riding horses, “eyes up” (and on the next jump!) was the #1 thing I heard from my instructor’s lips . I love mindful movement because it forces me out of my head into a higher place – I “lift my gaze” literally and figuratively. My eyes, my mind, my head, my heart.💖 . Happy Monday friends. Don’t forget to focus your eyeline on its highest spiritual point today.🦋 . Set an intention. Lift your gaze. Manifest. Repeat. 🙏🏻✨ . . . . . #yoga #yogapose #drishti #manifest #abundance #fitness #fitfam #fitspo #fitnessblogger #spiritjunkie #higherconciousness #raiseyourvibration #namaste #om #asana #fitmom #momlife #boymom #wellspo #wellprenuer #mantra #mondaymotivation #motivation #inspiration #quarantine #quarantinefitness

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10) Lynn Montoya is 50. Read that again, she’s 50. Look how hot she is! I’d leave my husband for her kidna hot. I want to be her when I’m 50 kind of hot! I think I need to post her picture on my wall and be like “I can do that too one day”. Now I’ll put down the Bon Bons.

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Being healthy is a state of physical, mental and social well-being and one of the ways to stay mentally healthy is by trusting something larger than you. Call it the Universe, God, Dharma, Life—whatever you’d like. This trust is not a whimsical expectation that things will happen according to your preference, but a faith that things will happen in favor of your greater good. It’s a conviction that, if you put your best foot forward, the universe will respond. 💫⁣ ⁣ Does one really need trust? No, but life is more beautiful with it. Trust in something larger than us and it accomplishes five important things:⁣ ⁣ * It makes you optimistic⁣ * It decreases your worries and doubts, allowing you to forget about the future and focus more on the present⁣ * It helps you to accept things you cannot change⁣ * It takes you out of the little world of the ego⁣ * You are less prone to the silly mental masturbation of “what if…”⁣ ⁣ There is also scientific evidence that trust makes us happy. 🤩⁣ ⁣ How would your feelings and actions be different if you had the trust that life is happening for you, not to you? Is it time to take a leap of faith somewhere in your life? 🤔 #trustintheununiverse #mentalhealthisimportant

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