Top 10 Things for Kids at Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya

Written by Caterina M and Alexandra G age 12 and 13

The Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya is an all-inclusive resort in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico. My family and I had a great time and there was so much for kids to do. We recently spent a week there for the opening of the Kidz Bop Experience.

Also read our part two talking about Kidz Bop.

Here is our top 10:

Rockaway Bay Water Park 

The water park has four different sections of slides for children of all ages. They have toddler a section, a kiddie section, a section for all older children and tall slides for teens. The park was a great size because it had many things to do but wasn’t too big.We also loved getting pina colada slushies.


 The Kidz Bop Experience

The Kidz Bop experience is a two hour experience where they train kids to become their own pop-star. You get to wear cool costumes, learn some dance moves and perform on a stage. Check out our story for more details.

Tequila Slide

The Tequila Slide is located right at the end of the Hacienda Main Pool. It’s next to the zip line. It is a pitch black slide that goes in circles and you land out into the main pool. Don’t worry moms- no tequila!

Swim up bar 

The swim up bar is located in the middle of the Hacienda main pool. It offers a variety of unlimited beverages and more importantly non alcoholic drinks for children. WHo knew I’d love strawberry daiquiris.


The kayaking is located in the Hacienda family beach. It is a lot of fun to kayak around the beach and see all the fish. The water is very calm since it is made into it’s own lagoon separate from the ocean.


Woodward is located right next to the water park. There are trampolines, a skate park, rock wall climbing and much more. It does cost extra but it’s worth the price.

Unlimited Ice Cream 

The ice cream is located in the Hacienda lobby. You can get as much ice cream as you want right next to the coffee shop. This is the good stuff- gelato. My favorite flavor was dulce de leche.


There are two main pools. One is the kids pool and the other one wraps around the Tequila slide and swim up bar. My suggestion is to pack an inflatable tube because the pool doubles as a lazy river.


We had some incredible meals. I loved the churros at the Market for breakfast. My favorite restaurant was Ipanema which was a rodizio style. All the meats were very flavorful and there were plenty of options for non meat eaters.


The beach is so much fun and great for families and a great place to relax. It’s also fun to collect seashells and see the clear blue water. There aren’t waves because of a stone barrier to block waves from getting in.

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