Kidz Bop Experience at Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya

Written by Caterina M and Alexandra G age 12 and 13

The Kidz Bop Experience is an activity at the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya in Puerto Aventuras Mexico. We were lucky enough to attend the grand opening week, the Ultimate Kidz Bop Live Fan Experience which included some pop up parties, a Kidz Bop concert and a karaoke contest.

The actual Kidz Bop Experience takes about two and a half hours and is included with your stay. There are a variety of times for sign up offered during your stay. Once you get into the dedicated building, you get your V.I.P pass and can create your own pop star name as well as wear costumes from the pop star closet. After this part you are pop star ready! Some of the costumes were even worn by the kidz bop kids themselves.

After getting the V.I.P passes and getting pop star ready there was a karaoke contest held on the stage. The crew is so high energetic and lots of fun. They gave encouragement and were even back up dancers.

During this special week we learned choreography so we could perform as the opening act at the kidz bop concert. The day of the Kidz Bop concert we got to dress up and look like a pop star. After the whole concert we had a meet and greet with the Kidz Bop kids.

We got to enjoy an ice cream party and an awesome pool party The ice cream party had many toppings as well as other desserts like cupcakes and cake pops. People were dancing and splashing. The party included balloons and foam. The pool party was a crazy fun time!

The Kidz Bop Experience was so much fun! It was awesome getting to sing and becoming a pop star.

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