Top 10 Vegan Eats in Los Angeles

Malynda Hale writes her picks for the Top 10 Vegan places in Los Angeles.

Veganism is on the rise! But, I’m proud to say I was vegan before it was cool. Going on my 13th year of living a plant-based lifestyle, I’ve seen the demand for vegan items grow drastically over the years. Being a Los Angeleno I love how easy it is to be a vegan in this city. So, I want to share with you where I go when I want to indulge in some of my favorite vegan foods. Below are my top 10 favorite full vegan and vegan friendly places in Los Angeles!

Sage Organic Vegan Bistro

This place truly has never let me down. Not only do they have a versatile menu, but the vibe and atmosphere of the restaurant make for a great casual lunch or if you want to have a great date night. I highly recommend the jackfruit tacos and the soul bowl!
Veggie Grill

We all love food that’s quick, easy and delicious. Veggie Grill is the closest to vegan fast food you’re going to get, but it doesn’t sacrifice quality. It has delicious burgers and soups, and their chocolate chip cookies are to die for. This is my go-to quick bite place if I happen to be in the area.

Real Food Daily

Real Food Daily is right up there with Sage. It’s a great spot for a casual lunch or a wonderful date night. Menu is diverse and the atmosphere is comfy. They also have great cupcakes!

Cocobella Creamery

It’s vegan ice cream so there really isn’t much else I need to say. This coconut-based wonder is located in Hollywood and it’s every vegan’s dream.  My absolute favorite flavor is chocolate chip cookie dough.


Cruzer Pizza

Anytime I’m craving a pizza night with my hubby, Cruzers it is! Plain and simple, if you want great vegan pizza with lots of fun options that aren’t boring, this is your place.

Pressed Juicery

I’m always up for a good juice cleanse or simply incorporating cold pressed juices into my daily diet, so much so that I became a member of Pressed Juicery. Not only are their juices delicious but my absolute favorite items of theirs are their Freezes. Freezes are such a great alternative to ice cream and they definitely satisfy my sweet-tooth craving. If you haven’t had Pressed Juicery Freezes they are a must!


Crossroads Kitchen

This is vegan fine dining at its best. Hands down the best vegan restaurant in Los Angeles. Although a bit on the pricey side, its high quality food and upscale atmosphere make it worth every penny.

By Chloe

This little gem is located in Silverlake next to the Whole Foods spin-off store 365. This is also a great place to stop for a quick bite to eat or to satisfy that vegan cupcake craving.


Donut Friend

Vegan Donuts. Enough said.

My house!

While I don’t have a restaurant or a website for you to see into my kitchen, I have to say I am a pretty darn good vegan cook! My friends and family will let you know that my top dishes are Tofu Scramble, Vegan Mac and Cheese and Vegan chili. I love learning new recipes and trying to veganize things I see on the Food network. My husband definitely benefits from the fruits of my labor!



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