Bloomscape – Exotic Plants Packed for Winter

I feel like everybody is doing some form of plant delivery, and especially with Valentine’s Day, they are much more on my radar.

There are two things that struck me from Bloomscape that make it a rather unique company and product.

First, you’ll see I took a picture of the plant in the packaging. The plant does not look as beautiful in the packaging, and that’s OK. You’ll have to trust me on the fact that it looks beautiful. It looks quite beautiful underneath all the packaging and comes with an adorable pot. It’s a nice white pot. It really does look rather elegant and fits the look. So why am I sending you a picture of this plant and packaging? It’s the object to the left. That object to the left is a heating pad, and they had two of them in the box. This shipped out on a day of 32° cold, and they were smart enough to include this little heat pad which, of course, helped the plant survive the cold winter journey. It was packed ridiculously well and I have to imagine if it wasn’t packed so well and exotic plants like this by never have survived the journey.

This particular plant is called a Philodendron Heartleaf. No, to be honest, I’m getting a little tired of roses every year because they basically die 2 to 4 days after I get them, and I like that they have a plant I could have for years ago. One time my husband actually bought me a rosebush at Home Depot, and I still get a kick out of the fact that this rosebush now comes back every single year. This philodendron is likely to come back and keep going.

Overall, Bloom scape has some pretty unique plans for Valentine’s Day beyond the typical roses, and of course, I think it’s done a top-notch job in terms of the packaging itself.