Top 5 Products For A Better You!

New Years brings the compulsion to be “better”, “healthier” and “stronger”.  This year more than ever we need this concept super strong in our lives.  Check out these 5 items that will surely help steer you in that direction.

Ultima Replenisher:  This electrolyte drink mix will help get you on the right track fast!  This delicious drink mix is zero carbs, 0 sugar and still brings in 6 electrolytes.  It is vegan, gluten-free, Non-GMO, keto-friendly and paleo-friendly.  The flavor options are pretty awesome; I am LOVING my variety pack that includes yummy flavors like cherry pomegranate, lemonade, grape, orange and raspberry.  These pack is so great to take to work or on the go! (about $17.00 for 20 sticks)

Zatik Naturals: We certainly need more soap and sanitizers these days and I love that we can go to a handmade, all natural product.   Their Orange & Tea Tree Hand Sanitizer has an 80% alcohol content with the perfect blend of oils and extracts.  I love the smell so much and feel so comfortable using it as I travel through town being as careful as possible.  ($8.00 for 2 ounces)

Upgraded Formulas: need help relaxing and getting rest after a long, scary and trying day??  Check out Upgraded Magnesium capsules that will help you be calm, able to focus and get the deep sleep at night that you need.  This product is a MUST; I will never not have it in my cabinet again.  It is Vegan, Keto and Paleo Friendly as well as zero calories, gluten-free and contains no sugar.  There is NO better time than now to fight fatigue and boost immunity and balanced hormones.  This company is dedicated to helping you “upgrade” what you are deficient in.

Crown Choice All Natural Air Freshener:  these will freshen up your house in no time!  If you are like me, with everyone staying home so much the house loses its “freshness” pretty darn quick.  This product eliminates odor, is non-toxic to both people and animals, and contains no perfumes, fragrances or synthetic colors.  This is only the good stuff; plant based essential oils.  I adored their Madagascar Cookie fragrance during the holidays but now am loving their lemon zest, cedar, bora bora and spanish citrus options.  ($10 per bottle)

Glam Essentials: take care of you during your extra time at home!  These products were inspired/designed for women over the age of 40 experiencing those icky skin changes.  They renew your skin, increase collagen production and your skin will actually glow.  The company offers both body and face options but I personally adore their Moisturizing Day Treatment ($32).  I have been applying a small amount to my face each morning after washing up and prior to makeup. My face feels softer and I just know it is because of the natural oils and antioxidants that this jar has!   I am for sure feeling like a new woman!

Each of these products are pure quality and just the boost we need right now in these scary times!  Check them out!