Edible Arrangements has Awesome Delivery

Edible Arrangements I feel like at times that finding a unique angle on a review can be a bit of a challenge.

In this review for Edible Arrangements, I didn’t just what to say the fact that it tasted amazing. In fact, let’s be honest: they are chocolate covered strawberries. Of course they will taste amazing. Who doesn’t like chocolate covered strawberries? I guess people with food allergies, but that’s not the point. Everybody loves chocolate covered strawberries!

In fact, if I said anything besides, “chocolate covered strawberries are amazing”, you would think that I am being disingenuous. You’d say, “That’s it, he finished the story”.  It’s so cut and simple.

What you see in the photo are the Valentine’s Day Sweetheart Platter, as well as the Valentine’s Day Cheesecake and Chocolate Box. Of course everything was amazing.  The platter had these awesome little strawberries and the Cheesecake and Chocolate box had these cute little mini cheesesecakes and brownies.  Again, nobody needs to say they tasted great because of course they did.

That said, what makes the story truly unique? If you look at the first photo you will see that they placed the boxes on the cute little chair in front of the porch. The delivery guy called when he got here to make sure we knew the box was out front.  This was all before I could even make it down the stairs. He wanted to make it clear that he put it on the chair because he just felt that he was somewhere where I would notice better. The delivery man not only went out of the way to make sure that the product wasn’t outside too long but was also in a good location.  Like he actually wanted to make sure it was safe but he practically worried about how it looked when it was delivered. He wasn’t going to just throw it on the ground.

Then he actually waited outside just to make sure I got there to pick it up. This is the kind of service that makes a world of difference.

So yes, Edible Arrangements is amazing and who doesn’t love chocolate covered strawberries, but delivery like this puts it to another level.    I feel like we are now a delivery society and the way this Edible Arrangement delivery man brought the package to the front door was a step beyond what you would expect.


Edible Arrangements