Top Bike Accessories to Buy


My husband is an avid bicyclist, and one of the first things that I googled was top bike accessories. What are those top bike accessories to buy somebody with that new hobby of bicycling? What accessories are really necessary and/or most popular?

We asked our friends at Bikase what are the top bike accessories and this is the list of their most popular products.

Right at the bottom of the photo, you’re going to see two different types of mounts, the Handy Clamp Phone Holder and the ABC Cage. The ABC Cage is an adjustable bike cage that can hold almost any kind of water bottle that you have because it adjusts right to the size. The Handy Clamp Phone Holder is a simple clamp system so that it can grab onto whatever your phone size may be.

You also see on the right, two big cases, one being the CoolKase and the other being the Big Daddy 2. The CoolKase was actually a product from Kickstarter, so it’s a rack-mounted cooler that fits on the back of any bike with a rack mount. The Big Daddy also fits on the rack and comes compact but with a liner, so it will keep what you want rather cool.



Second to last, you have the Beetle 6, which is a phone bag to put right on your bike frame to hold your phone.

And finally, the hook and loop straps with whatever you get. If you wanna keep things tight to your bike, you always need these.  But here you have it, straight from my friends at Bikase, the top bike accessories.