Merge Cube

image of merge cube in package

How about a great gift option for a child into STEM, science, or technology? Merge Cube is a product that literally lets you hold onto digital 3D objects right in the palm of your hand.  Think fossils, artifacts and so much more!  How about watching a volcano erupt?? Look at the inner core of the planets??!!  When you combine Merge Cube with a mobile device and the Merge EDU Apps, the cube will transform before your very eyes.

The Apps offer free content and paid content.  You can access all free content easily and try premium content for free for 7 days.  The product works easily with iOS, Android, and Chromebook devices. This means this is also an awesome option for the classroom (think great idea for teacher gift!)

This product engages students and science enthusiasts in true multisensory learning.  This is visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile.  Great for developing your child’s spatial IQ.  The cube has over 100 science simulations that your child will be amazed by.

The cost is $25, making it a very affordable holiday gift option.  You can also pair it with their Merge Headset if you like!

Check this out for the science lover in your home or on your list!