Top CBD Bath Bombs – Mom Will Love

CBD is extremely popular and bath bombs are another way to get CBD into your life. If you’re a mom looking to relax CBD Bath Bombs might be a way to go. They look innocuous but can carry a bit of a bunch. With COVID in our lives, CBD has been another way that moms have found to take the edge off their lives in a healthy manor. Here’s a few of our top choices.


Array CBD
Female owned… Girl power! I love that. I mean a few of them on the list are, but I always love pointing it out. They make this glorious looking orange bomb that really looks amazing. This is an immune booster and I can tell you it feels great.







Mary’s Nutritionals Bath Bombs
They are hand-crafted in Colorado and make a high end Bath Bomb going through stringent testing. I love that they check for everything, metals, residuals solvents and make as clean a product as possible. Plus, these things are massive and they look it. They look like serious business.







Canna Bath co
Canna Bath co sent over a cute little ducky so how cool is that. I also love the personal nature of the company. Who runs it? Jessica? Whose make sure it’s high quality? Did I mention Jessica? I feel like with CBD you really need to know where your stuff is coming from and the fact that Jess is basically all behind this makes a big difference.







Color Up Rehab Bath Bomb
They include Kaolin Clay and essential oils so they’re a nice mix of the CBD but also some good high end materials to make







Plant M CBD
I love the packaging but that does sound cliche. What I really like are that they really take the energy to make a product that focuses on the elevated feeling without feeling “high”. These things also smell delicious.








GoGreen Hemp
They say they’re one of the first to make CBD bath bombs so they better be good! The packaging is unique, and they smell delightful. I love the pedigree and when you want to buy CBD you really want to use a company that has experience.









Warfighter Hemp Bath Bombs

They make a four-pack with scents like Citrus and Kiwi and… well, what makes them unique is they’re veteran-owned. I love the fact that they have a mission of helping veterans avoiding painkillers and drugs by trying to reducepain and anxiety with CBD. Veterans and first responders can sign up for a lifetime 50% discount on purchases here. And the bath bomb four-pack is on sale August 2020 for $19.99, a $12 savings!