Top CBD for Valentine’s Day

CBD is the gift that helps moms get through the pandemic and what better way to get your loved ones on Valentine’s Day but CBD. We choose some examples of our favorites that you might consider buying your significant other to get through Valentine’s Day.

I mean, I’ve had enough roses, so this is a pretty good option.


Ageless CBD

Water-Soluble CBD

I’m sure, I’m supposed to tell you about the tincture and the fact that it’s Pina Colada, but look at those gorgeous bath bombs.  These are 200 mg so they pack quite a bunch.  Plus they really just look gorgeous so I’d much rather these than flowers.









CB Dough

Well, lets start the list of reasons I love these. They don’t taste like CBD but definitely are.  They are packaged incredibly well and super easy to make.  So easy, even my kids could make them.

Plus, I love the name of this company!














Just CBD has all the products and then some.  I love their diversity and mix.  You’ll see they have gummies, bath bombs, salve, lip balm and more… but these gummies have to be the best I’ve ever tasted.

Altwell CBD











Winged CBD

Winged CBD makes the gummies you see but I love the Dark Chocolate because Dark Chocolate is good, but Dark Chocolate CBD is even better.  Plus for some reason I think they have awesome packaging.










Altwell CBD

Altwell really has an amazing selection of products so I love that they’re really one stop shopping.  Now I love the fact they have the great variety but they’re also running a free shipping special so you can really taste and choose and figure out what you like.  These gummies were absolutely incredible.














Bath Tea Blends
I’ve tried bath bombs before but never a bath tea blend.  These are a unique idea and a fun take on a bath bomb.  They are a mix of bath salts and flowers in a nice tea bag.  Maybe you’re a bit overwhelmed by the feeling of a bath bomb but this is a cute interesting take on it. Plus they have a nicer mix of ingredients than I’ve seen int he average bath bomb.





I love that My Remede’s outreach was so to the point. “Moms are stressed…” Yeah, it’s true! Have you tried raising kids during covid?  It’s terrible.

If you see in my happy photo, they have basically all the things.  What thing do you need? They have them all!

Tinctures, balms, salves, soap, basically everything!

Don’t tell my boss, but I might or might not be editing this story while sitting in the bath with a CBD Bath bomb.  Don’t judge me!