Is the Bernie Chair on Ikea?

Bernie Chair MemeWell, we’ve all seen the Bernie memes. Sitting in his chair, with his standard one coat. We’ve heard the stories that it’s literally his only winter coat and that the mittens were made by a friend in Essex Junction, Vermont.  He donated some and she made him more.

But then, somebody came up with a brilliant meme of the Bernië.  Yes, notice the brilliant e-diaeresi. Whoever made this went so far as to include the e.

Well, the sad reality is, we don’t think it’s accurate.

Three basic reasons.

First,  sadly I don’t think the e with two dots is common in  Swedish or even used in Swedish.

The second reason seems to be that the link to Ogilvy which housed it is now taken down.  It’s absolutely brilliant but sadly not active.

There is a meme going around that you’ll see here:   Facebook.

Finally and the most revealing  reason,  is that a quick search on Ikea doesn’t yield the product. That still hasn’t stopped people from calling stores, but sadly they search comes up blank.

Now, don’t feel sad.  A folding chair is a folding chair. That said, you can always pick up a sweatshirt on Amazon. Or, you can just sit in a chair and think about how awesome Bernie is and how comfortable he looks.