Top Chess Sets on Amazon

Since The Queen’s Gambit came out on Netflix, chess sets have been the hottest gift to buy your kids. Now everybody wants to be Beth Harmon and a chess champion.  But which chess sets to buy your kid?  I’ve scoured Amazon just to find the most popular chess sets that you can buy. Even the NY Times is reporting on chess sets selling out.

Beth might be a flawed character but if it inspires my kids to play chess then all the better.

Do your kids play chess themselves?  Have you gotten them into it or is mom just watching The Queen’s Gambit on her own?


1 – Does your child like Batman? Is Batman still a thing?






2- I feel like Marvel will be the lead this year.






3 – I think the Nighmare before Christmas is such a cool theme and this looks gorgeous.




4. My husband loves Rick and Morty and this is such a cool looking set.





5.  A table and chess set. $154 isn’t bad for a table as you’ll find where the heck do you put your chess set? A dedicated table isn’t a bad idea.







6. Do you have $10,000 to spare? Then maybe this set is for you?




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