Rafi Nova Face Masks for Everyone

The second wave of the pandemic has started, and we are all trying to keep our family, friends, and communities safe.  Science has shown that masking up is one of the best and vital ways we can stem the spread of the ‘rona, so finding masks for everyone in the family is a must.  Rafi Nova makes a wide variety of masks that will meet any needs and style preferences.  From different size adult masks, kids masks, and “smile masks” (show those pearly whites!), you can mask your entire family safely and confidently with the reusable and washable face masks.

Rafi Nova is a family owned company, named for their four kids.  The company is a fair trade company, and they get all of their textiles from the Hmong artisans in Southeast Asia, which makes their masks (and other products including backpacks and pouches) one of a kind.  Rafi Nova masks come in different styles and are adjustable either around the ear loops, or around the chin, and all have bendable nose pieces.  They are very soft, and obviously designed for comfort.  The cut of the masks makes it easy to wear even if you wear glasses.  I like that the Performance Masks are not a “one size fits all” and come in a variety of sizes.  They have three layers of moisture wicking, antibacterial cotton.  Add to that the selection of colors and patterns to pick from, and Rafi Nova makes shopping for masks fun.  The Smile Masks are made with three layers of cotton as well as BPA free plastic.  With the anti-fog spray, the Smile Masks are perfect for teachers, speech therapists, people who work with kids with special needs, or anyone who wants to still share their smile with those around them.  The Everyday Masks have adjustable ear loops and the current holiday selection offers fancy and fun to match any outfit.  The kids line offers not just fun and functional masks, but there are also options for matching masks for adults and dolls (how adorable!).

Rafi Nova masks can be purchased individually, or in packs of 2, 3, 10, or classroom bundles.  Rafi Nova’s prices are very reasonable for the fashion, function, quality, and durability you get.  The company also has a section called “Pay What You Can” to help those affected by Covid 19 financially be able to get their families masks to ensure everyone can have comfortable and reusable masks for everyday use, starting at just $1.  In today’s stressful news, knowing a company is truly looking to make their products accessible and affordable for all is heartwarming and just another reason to support them.  Check out their wide line of masks and bags at https://rafinova.com/.