Top Five Amazon Deals for Black Friday you Must Look At

Black Friday is here and I’ve scoured Amazon for what I think are the best deals to look at.  A few are Amazon-centric but honestly they’ve made deals so stupidly cheap that it’s a joke not to do.   I’m sure you’ll find other deals you love but these are the ones I’ve literally just ordered five minutes ago!




Okay, seriously these things have changed my life. You won’t believe it at first but they work so seamlessly with the iPhone it’s not even funny.  You’ll find yourself running through the house screaming “Siri, tell me this or that” and it listens.












Boom! This is like an all in one cooker that you’ll use and wonder how you lived without it.  What’s cool about it, it’s idiot proof.  You snap your fingers and press a button and then set it and forget it.












When your kids are driving you nuts, you’ll wonder how you lived without this.  You sit back, scream “Echo, play that stupid Baby Shark video” and then the kids will stare at this for hours. Buy a second one and you can even video call grandma. Then you just go about your day while you happily ignore your kids.








There is one main reason to get this. It’s ridiculously cheap. Now you can surround your house in dots and basically make surround sound throughout your house.  You can tell Alexa “Play my Spotify EVERYWHERE”

But seriously, this price is a joke.










Take your terrible television and upgrade it. Seriously, you just plug this thing in the HDMI and instantly connect to YouTube, Amazon Video or Disney Plus. In fact, I just used it to take one of my terrible old televisions and basically turned it into a smart tv.


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