Top Five Houseplants to clean the air in your home

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There are toxins in everybody’s home, no matter how natural or organic you go. Some reports say indoor air pollution is actually 10 times worse than being outside. In fact, the EPA just did a report saying that indoor air pollution is one of the top greatest risks to public health.

One of the easiest and best solutions I’ve found is simply getting better house plants. The plants below are considered the top house plants for cleaning chemicals in your home. Not only do they clean the air, but they look pretty too.

Below is the list of my personal favourites, plus where you can buy them!

2 Comments on “Top Five Houseplants to clean the air in your home”

    1. I appreciate being able to have a natural way to purifier the air in my home by utilizing something as simple as plants. Now if I only could only keep them alive…

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