Linwoods Heath foods – super foods that really are super foods

Talk about serendipity.  The day after my new Vitamix blender arrived, a package of Linwoods samples arrived at my door.  Christmas has indeed arrived early this year!

Linwoods health foods is a Irish company that has been making flaxseed and other healthy super food product for customers in Ireland, the UK and Europe since 2003 and is now exporting to the US.


All the seed blends are gluten, dairy, yeast and GMO free, they are also vegan, with no added sugar, and of course, organic. What better way to try out the new blender than by making smoothies with samples of delectable, healthy, organic seeds and grains?  And did I mention that they are packed with vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids?


The ground flaxseed, cocoa, strawberries and blueberries, was great sprinkled over oatmeal.  Score 1 for mom, the kids loved it, I loved it.  Dad even liked it and that was a huge win since he may actually be even more picky than the kids.


My husband was also a big fan of the Ground Flaxseed and the Ground Flaxseed, Almonds, Brazil Nuts, walnuts, and Q10 in his smoothies.  The nuts added a nice  dose of protein (5.4 G in 4 Tbsp) to a smoothie, cereal or yogurt.  These are great as a pre or post workout snack.  


We tried the shelled organic hemp seeds over a salad, and they were fantastic, adding an unexpected nutty crunch.  Loaded with essential fatty acids, antioxidants, protein and fiber — it sure beats croutons in the health department, but honestly, without sacrificing flavor in my book.


Im a sucker for all things pumpkin, and the Ground Flax, Sunflower, Pumpkin, and Sesame Seeds with Goji Berries, did not disappoint.   The flavor was subtle, perfect for blending into a smoothie for a fall treat, but equally tasty sprinkled over a salad or steamed vegetables.


As a busy mom to two relatively picky eaters and a husband who is not much better, I am always looking for creative ways to prepare healthy, nutritious, and tasty foods for my family.  These super food blends are perfect for adding into muffing, soups, salads, bread, and countless other recipes!


For more information and where to purchase near you check out or amazon.  Products range from $9.59 to $15.67.

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