Top Foods You Can Order for Your Holiday Meals

The holiday season is coming up and it’s time to prepare those holiday meals. What I’ve learned through the pandemic is if I have the option to order food online, to take advantage of that option immediately. There are so many things you can order for your holiday meals, I wanted to list a few of our favorites.

Cheese Brothers

cheese brothers

Cheese Brothers lets you get Wisconsin cheese for your wonderful cheese platter straight to your house. What you see here is a selection of their cheeses, including their top seller, which is called Rhapsody. I love that it is one-stop shopping where you could even buy a salami too. Instead of rushing to the store to build the pieces for your holiday dinner, you can have it come straight from Wisconsin and brag about having Wisconsin cheese.



Over the summer we started growing lettuce in the backyard and there is nothing the same as fresh lettuce. Willo has a Holiday Reset box which is also a great way to build that wonderful salad course, right to your doorstep. This is a limited time only so from November 1 you can order them. It’s not often I get to even see Rosie Pak Choi, so that alone is piquing my interest quite a lot. Plus, you can order basil and other additions for your holiday meal.

La Brea Bakery

la brea bakery

La Brea Bakery ships straight from La Brea bakeries around the county. They’re well-known as one of Los Angeles’ most iconic bakeries. Savory holiday rolls, cranberry walnut loaf. Well, you get the idea. This is so perfect for that side to the holiday dinner as well as holiday morning breakfast.

Edible Arrangements

edible arrangements fall bundle

Edible Arrangements has a fall flavors cookie bundle. I love this! If it’s the last minute and you need a delivery immediately you can get it right to your house for a little over $30. Plus it follows the theme of fall with pumpkin, hazelnut, and caramel. This works both to fill in dessert as well as if you need a quick present too.



SusieCakes is also from the West Coast and it’s a beloved bakery known for its celebration cake. This is a six-layer vanilla cake with colorful sugar confetti. I had to take a photo of the whole setup because I absolutely loved that it not only came perfectly wrapped and protected but even includes a candle in the white box. It also has instructions so you really can’t screw up the cake.


Who did we leave off from this holiday ordering list? Who do you like to order from?