Aventon Level 2 Commuter Ebike

First of all, in reviewing the Aventon bike, you need to know that there is almost a fan-like quality. It’s similar to what you see with Apple products or Tesla. On its own, there are people who are fanatics. Having ridden on an Aventon bike, this is certainly with good reason.  We reviewed the Aventon Level 2 Commuter Ebike.

image of the aventon level 2 commuter ebike
Aventon Level 2 Commuter Ebike

The first thing you notice about the bike is the communication. At every step of the process, you’re getting an email. “Your bike is being shipped,” “it’s being assembled.” Here’s your chance to read some materials to prepare…It gets you in a different mental state and quite a bit excited to receive it.

aventon 6
Aventon setup

Then comes the daunting task of setup. That also makes it different. The mere thought of assembling a bike concerned the hell out of me. By no means am I handy and the idea of assembling the bike was definitely nerve-racking. You can imagine the punchline here.

First of all, let’s start off with the fact that every piece is perfectly packed and laid out clearly. I also loved that they included even the hex screwdriver and numbered every single possible thing to be screwed. There really was no room for error here and this is coming from the least handy guy in the world.

Not only do you have a well-packed box with every possible material, and the tools, but you also have a helpline and videos.

aventon 4
Aventon app screenshot

The exceptionally well-designed app coordinates with the QR code on the bike. Setup is extremely easy and it is pretty intuitive to use. The Aventon App will sync all of your data, which is useful for not only basic information such as speed but also for other tracking information like mapping out your journey.

The ride is definitely a new experience as compared to a regular bicycle. It really is hard to explain that difference in terms of how a bike compares to an E-bike compares to a motorcycle. It really is its own thing.

image of monitor on the aventon level 2 commuter ebike
Aventon monitor

You notice it immediately when you push off to start pedaling. I don’t know if you’re like me, but whenever I push off on a bicycle, I find that initial momentum to be quite frustrating. With the Aventon bike, the second you push off it immediately gives it that go. You start to move the pedals and the momentum of the engine and the slight hum of the electric motor kick in.

Now, your next question might be how much power are we talking about? That’s where it really becomes its own type of thing. In the beginning, for example, when you’re starting off a ride, that initial push is a godsend. I think that’s really the key is that it’s assistive technology. You’re not speeding independently like on a motorcycle, but instead, you have the bike assisting you on your way.

You’ll quickly get used to which level you want the Aventon to push you to. For example, five will push you to the full speed. The first gear is when you’re maneuvering near crowds and don’t need as much power.

aventon 3
Aventon screen

For example, when there was a line of about 40 cars on the road, I was fortunately in the bike lane. And just by pushing myself what would have been about 10 mph, with this bike I was flying at 20+ miles an hour.

It’s also how assistive the bike is the entire journey. Realistically, there is no way I could’ve considered going to work after peddling a few miles. But the way it pushes you along the journey I barely broke a sweat. You’re just basically doing a little bit of the peddling to really start the motor into action.

In fact, if you look at that screenshot above, you’ll see, even after riding for 20 minutes, the battery was still at 100%. It barely budged down and had a way to go.

It’s not exactly a light bicycle with the motor and gears, but this is the kind of thing that you’re taking along the bike path to get to your job and back.  It does have a nice little rack on the back wheel where you can easily pop on your laptop and other materials.  What’s also great is that with the assistive technology it’s not the kind of bike ride that’s a workout. It’s just pushing along to get you where you need to go.

Looking at it, the Aventon Level 2 Commuter Ebike is a gorgeous bike and extremely well-designed.  It’s built rugged so certainly can handle some degree of off-roading as well as easily get you where you need to commute to. It’s solid, but also something so good-looking that I can see it being a showpiece to coordinate to work with.

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