Top Gift Boxes to Order – 2020

I love Gift Boxes as a present both to give and receive.  Why?  They are just like an overwhelming abundance of happiness, just like on Christmas morning. Gift Boxes basically are a happy basket of joy because if you don’t like one element of the gift box, there’s something else ready to surprise you.

I had the staff get together and compile their favorite gift boxes  and write what you see below for some of our favorite Gift Boxes to Order for 2020.



Bake Me A Wish!

Bake Me a Wish makes delicious treats that would be a great gift for anyone due to their great packaging and wide variety of choices. Our favorite was the Soho Tower with its floating shelf design. This gift includes cookies, brownies and coffee cakes in great flavors such as white chocolate blueberry cookies and cookies and cream brownies. They taste as good as they look!


A cute coffee basket filled with various coffee choices to appeal to any coffee lover. I love the fact that it has every variant of coffee like ground and bean and decaf and regular. I’ve always worried about finding the right basket so I like that this covers them all.






Herr’s Snack Truck
Herr’s Assorted Snack Tin

Herr’s Snack Truck is a cool gift for anyone who loves snacks which is basically everyone. It’s such a fun game to try all the flavors from Deep Dish Pizza Cheese Curls to Ragin’ Ranch Potato Chips. Your little ones will get a kick out of playing with the box.






Bokksu .com
Premium Subscription Japanese Snack Box

This is a perfect gift for anyone who likes to try new things. It is just as much fun to open as it is to sample the goodies. The box comes with a booklet that lists common allergens and descriptions of all their products. We loved the White Strawberry which is a dehydrated strawberry that has been infused with white chocolate. You can only purchase this from Bokksu. The 20th Century Pear Langue de Chat is an amazing blend of sweet and savory as it is a blend of Asian Pear, cheese and white chocolate. One of my mottos is that everything tastes good with either cheese or chocolate and this one has combined both!







People’s Choice Beef Jerky
Simple and Savory

The jerky box is a great overview of various types of jerky to satisfy the jerky lover in your life. I like how they divided it by flavor. Spicy, sweet… whatever makes them happy. It’s a cute idea and I love how it comes








Gourmet Gift Baskets

Gourmet Gift Baskets Is a tried and true place to turn to for any gift basket needs. They have quite the variety and I can always trust them in terms of quality. This is their Deck the Halls Gourmet Gift Tower, which I feel looks incredible too.









SunnyLand Farms

How cool is the idea of ordering from a pecan family farm in Georgia straight to your family? This is a third generation farm and has great gift ideas and gift boxes for anybody into nuts. It would be nuts not to order from here!






Temecula Olive Oil Company

I have no idea what Temecula is, but it feels like it’s a magical place with happiness and dreams. This is two of their olive oil gift boxes. If you told me I could move to a land with olive oil like this I would happily move in a heartbeat. Since I cannot go to this magical land, you can use this as an opportunity to order for yourself and your family. This selection has 100% California extra-virgin olive oil, with a selection of vinegar stuffed olives and other yummy goodness.






Darling Spring

High quality, high design and personalized. If that’s your focus, darling spring is for you. I love supporting female owned businesses and I love the high end quality here. Plus, the nice touch is they’ll add a hand written note to add the special touch.






Marie Belle Chocolate

Marie Belle Chocolate

Marie Belle probably makes the most beautiful gift boxes I’ve ever seen. Okay, I’ve unwrapped the box but honestly look how gorgeous it is both inside and out. The box looks like an tiffany box and the inside is gorgeous.

They are running some specials but this is some high quality products that are laid out so beautiful it’s amazing.