Games For Kids On Your Holiday List

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing awesome game options for kids of all ages on your shopping list!  Here a few great ones we are all enjoying at my house!

The #upsidedownchallenge game: Ok so this game is totally hilarious.  The minute you put on the googles your vision is literally flipped upside down.  You have to do simple tasks like write your name, give high fives, draw and connect dots etc.  You earn points if you can successfully complete the tasks!  We were laughing for hours!  This is available at target, amazon and other retailers and costs $20.00.  Side note: I am keeping the dog I drew (epic failure) forever!

Clixo: Ok this is one of the coolest building toys I’ve ever seen.  It is sort of like a magnetic origami.  This is totally free play, free mind, use your total imagination kind of fun.  These days we need to get these kids brains back to work; they’ve had way too much time off.  Clixo encourages experimenting and making up whatever idea comes your way.  They offer all different pack options in various colors with various quantities of pieces from about $30-$60.00.  Check them out!

Buildzi: this box of awesomeness is like Tetris in a box.  The goal is to build the tower printed on your card and be the first to build it without letting it tumble.  Lots of great and creative options here; actually there are 7 ways to play so it is like a different game each time.  Think building STEM skills, engineering, creation, problem solving and more.  Perfect for 2 to 4 players ages 6 and up.  Cost is about $25.00 and you can grab it easily on Amazon.