Top Gifts for the Home

Sometimes you wanna buy holiday gifts for someone’s new home. A gadget or the such that will help brighten up their new place. Here are some of our ideas for gifts for the home.

Lifetime Brands winter 2022
Lifetime Brands winter 2022


What you see above is a selection from Lifetime Brands of Chicago Metallic 4-Piece Toaster Oven Bakeware Set, and Farberware Professional Salad Spinner Green with White Lid.  I just feel like there are gadgets for the home that everybody needs standard bearers. Are these the kind of products that are like the new gadget of the year? No, they’re the things that a fellow mom needs for her home and that’s the point of this. We all need a serving tray, we all need a good salad spinner and we all need something to help the toaster oven be a little bit better.

If you’re looking for a gift for the home that you know that mom is going to need, get something that’s been the standard for a few decades of American culture.


mikasa lazy susan
mikasa lazy susan

We also want to feature this Lazy Susan from Mikasa. This particular one is a beautiful, Mediterranean  tile style. It’s a wonderful way to put quite a few different small plates together and serve like Taco toppings. In fact, imagine this Lazy Susan with all of the plates to a mini tapas party.


PlataChalkboards Sign Making Kits


Plata Chalkboards Chalkboard and Stencil Kit

Plata Chalkboards makes it much easier to have a nice welcome sign for your home. How much easier is it? Well, the kit includes a magnetic chalkboard and everything else that goes with it such as magnetic letter stencils and waterproof erasable paint markers. They’re super easy to use and you could now make it a kid’s activity to make a new sign for every particular holiday.

Nesco Slicer

Chard Slicer

I feel like a slicer is the kind of thing that you’ll never buy yourself but every household needs. I have no idea why but there is something that feels special when you’re slicing your own meat. Imagine Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays slicing your own meat.  It just leads to an impact at the party. You’re not likely to buy one but it’s the kind of thing you feel cool owning. This Chard Slicer is a beast and just is something I’d want but probably would never buy for myself.

aqua optima

Aqua  Optima Hot and Chilled Water Dispenser

Aurora by Aqua Optima combines a water filtration system with a hot tea maker with a cold water system. Yes, it does all three. You can use this to make your hot tea or to give yourself a quick glass of cold water. Plus, it’s designed so well that it reduces the need for energy as it boils ridiculously quickly. Probably my favorite thing about these is the fact that the filters are around half of what I’ve seen other filters like this go for.

fanttik panels

Fanttik Portable Solar Panel

We love Fanttik and recently covered their tire infiltrator. Well, here they are again with these solar panels.  Now you may ask, “Why does a new homeowner need solar panels?”  This is 100W and powerful enough to charge up quite a bit on the road. Sure, you’re thinking on the road, but have you heard of this recent hurricane in Florida?  Having solar panels is now a mandate for any homeowner. It will give you more than enough juice to charge your devices and then some. If you have more than one you can connect one to the other and really get things moving.  I had a friend recently tell me they got through the storm in Florida and were lucky because their panels kept them going!


JellyBeam and VocoPro K-Box-Go


I love products that you’ll never buy yourself but yet, who doesn’t love a party with karaoke and lights?  The JellyBeam will illuminate your room and the VocoPro on the right is a karaoke machine.  Between the two, you’re literally bringing a party to the house! For a housewarming present, how awesome is that idea? Just show up and say, “Here’s the party!”