Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Fresh Fierce Collection by the Fresh Dolls

image of black panther dolls for wakanda fresh fierce collection

Black Panther is coming out in theaters on November 11 and I’ve already bought my ticket. I absolutely love the entire feel of the first two movies so I’m certainly excited about this one. Of course, I’m going to be heartbroken, not seeing Chadwick Boseman in this one but I do like the new element of focusing on the strong, female characters.

The Black Panther movies have always had strong female characters, but in this case, when they’re hinting at who might be the next Black Panther I feel like it’s going to bring a different element to it. In conjunction with that, World of Epi toys has come out with their Fresh Fierce Collection series of the Black Panther dolls. You’ll notice in the photo I purposely left a coffee mug.

Why did I leave a coffee mug in this photo? Because these things are massive, I had to show you the scale of the product. They are 12 inch high, and done incredibly well, with incredible details.

You’ll see here, Shuri, the Princess of Wakanda and lead scientist of the Wakandan Design.  I love that the doll has a certificate of authenticity.  You’ll also see Okoye, the general of the Dora Milaje and leader of Wakanda’s Armies, and finally, Nakia, who is the former War Dog, holding her weaponry.

But that said, these are collectible, gorgeous dolls that show the quality of the craftsmanship. These are dolls to keep on your shelf and keep clean for years.

You can pick up the Black Panther dolls at Target asap!

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