Top Healthy Snacks to Make Quarantine Life a Little Easier

Quarantine isn’t easy. In fact it’s driving us a bit nuts.  So instead of my husband shoving more cookies down his throat I thought of ordering some healthy snacks that might prevent the dreaded covid belly.


SuperFat Nut Butter


SuperFat makes these very portable nut butters that are great snacks for outdoor activities like hiking.  They come in six different flavors and my favorite is Cacao Coconut. They have no fillers or added sugars and although tiny, are very filling. SuperFat Nut Butter is Keto and Paleo friendly as well as vegan.




AYO Almond Yogurt


Almonds are nutrient-rich and now there is a different way to eat them and load up on probiotics. AYO Almond Yogurt has the creaminess of traditional yogurt while being vegan. The almonds are grown on their farm for quality control and they use organic vanilla and fruit for flavor and the strawberry is my favorite.






Bubbies Mochi Ice Cream


Yes, I know this is ice cream. The good thing about this ice cream is that it is decadent and you can take one out of the container and put the rest away. I promise that one of these will satisfy your ice cream craving without eating a whole pint. Each bite delivers rich and creamy ice cream, wrapped in either cookie dough or the traditional rice flour.





SkinnyDipped Nuts


SkinnyDipped nuts are an amazing snack to feed your chocolate cravings. They make almonds and cashews covered in high-quality dark chocolate combined with other flavors like sea salt and espresso. They are skinny-dipped because they are lightly coated so you get more nut than chocolate.  The resealable bags make them a great snack to keep at your desk as long as you don’t let your coworkers near them!






LEMONKIND Juices are expertly blended to provide needed nutrients to the body. Do you like juicing but you’re too tired and lazy to get the juicing done?  Not only is this easy and nutritious the packages are almost designed for that easy lifestyle. One package is a straight drink. These aren’t thick like vegetable juicing but basically super high end juices that you’d never do yourself.











Laura Chenel Goat Milk Products

I love goat cheese and this is some of the best I’ve had. The Laura Chenel’s Creamy Spreadable Goat Cheese is great as a substitute for cream cheese. They also produce award-winnig flavored logs like Garlic & Chive and Orange Blossom and Honey which are bursting with flavor. Laura Chenel also makes goat milk yogurt in vanilla and plain flowers. They come in adorable snack size containers. The yogurt was delicious and smooth.






Quest Bars

A quick and easy meal on the goal.  The fun part is that while they’re healthy they’re designed with some fun flavors like you see in the photo.  Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough?  Sprinkled Donut? Mama needs this in her life.  But I love the fact that they’re high in protein so they’re perfect for a workout.





Ghost Bear Coffee by Mostra Coffee
Sure you can search out the Blue Mountain coffee or what not but why not try something different. With a name like Ghost Bear this is some serious sounding coffee.  Have you ever heard of the Sitio Belis region for coffee? Neither did I, but this is some serious coffee. And with a name like Ghost Bear, it tells you this is coffee not to be messed with.