Manuka Honey For The Wellness Win!

I know we are all trying to get back to something “normal” here in the Tri-State, but I do worry about what the fall and the winter will bring.  We are all about the wellness here these days.  Cold and flu season is right around the corner; dare I say that?!?

Manuka Honey is from New Zealand and Australia.  It has this crazy awesome antibacterial and immunity properties; this honey is key to wellness and health concerns.

My house has been checking out a few items I think you guys will also love/adore!

Manuka Honey – this honey is literally “the bees knees”.  This is honey sources from bees that pollinate from specific trees of non-peroxide activity and works hand in hand with supporting our bodies well-being.  This is a simple addition to tea or coffee; 2-3 tablespoons per day is the dosage I suggest.

Propolis & Honey Manuka Cough Elixer – this is cough syrup for your “dry” cough with active ingredient “Byronia 3x”.  This will absolutely help your annoying tickle come this fall without all the corn syrup, artificial colors, alcohol etc.

Manuka Honey & Propolis Lozenges – These will calm and treat your itchy and dry throat.  This is Manuka Honey meets CPL Propolis (for soothing) meets lemon/strawberry flavoring.  I dare you to find a more soothing cough drop in your situation of need.

Propolis & Manuka Oral Spray – This is breath freshener meets oral hygiene that has something special.  It includes aniseed and peppermint oils along with Manuka Honey to effectively eliminate bacteria.  Quite honestly; I am addicted.

Please check out this amazing array of wellness items during a special time of need!