Top Mom Beauty Products

Whenever I’ve gotten soaps for Mother’s Day I’ve felt rather conflicted. On one hand, I absolutely adore fancy things. Basically, I buy myself whatever the damn cheapest thing is out there and never really treat myself in any way. On the other hand, I always wonder if people are trying to tell me in a nice way that I basically smell.

mothers day soaps 1

In the shot, you will see Nopalera, which is a Mexican botanicals soap. These are vegan soaps that have an awesome Latino style to them. The company was founded to celebrate Latin culture, and I just feel like if this is a gift for anybody with a Latin background it will go over incredibly well. Most specifically, I just found the color so fascinating, especially when you take them out of the package, that these photos don’t even do it justice.

mothers day soaps 3

Hair Resq makes a great thickening treatment and to be honest, after the stress of Covid, my hair has not necessarily been looking as thick as it did. I like that they are paraben-free and basically free of all other chemicals and such. They’re also vegan and cruelty-free so you really can’t get much greener than that. It’s basically thickening your hair naturally so if you’re in doubt of whether you can use it or not, I’m not a doctor but I’d say certainly something this natural can’t be bad for you.

mothers day soaps 5 a

Hand over Heart has a Seabury and Rose shampoo that was basically made for overworked moms. I am an overworked mom and I don’t get damn credit for it but maybe I’m venting slightly at this point. It’s a ridiculously good deal and I love the fact that their main goal is to donate a percentage to cancer patients and their families. In addition, you’ll see their pure cleansing bar which follows the same theme of donation.

mothers day soaps 4

There are three products in this particular photo. The first is the collection from Reed and Gwen on the left. It’s a Snoozy bath soak with magnesium flakes, body oil, and body melt. I got to tell you that I really do need to increase how often I’m taking a relaxing bath. These are all plant-based beauty products, made in the USA and basically locally sourced. I like this combo too because right after the bath I slather on either the melt or oil and go to sleep very peacefully.

SBLA Beauty has their Double the Plump: Lip Plump and Sculpt and their Neck, Chin and Jawline Sculpting Wand. These are a great foundation for any perfect look. The Sculpting Wand works on that area none of us like—the sagging neck. It reduces the sagging and I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want this. The Lip Plump comes in very complementary shades and makes your lips noticeably plumper. The colors have a blue base which makes your teeth look brighter. SBLA also has some value deals and free shipping so it makes it quite an easy purchase with almost 25 percent off.

handmade soap club


The handmade soap club is just like the name sounds. They can be used as body wash, shampoo, hand soap and even dishes.  But honestly, if I’m using this for dishes… well no!  my dishes don’t deserve this. but I love the idea of using this for shampoo. Plus of course, it’s hand made so it’s pretty darn awesome. I love the mantra behind this company so how could you not love handmade soaps!