Blue Bunny Releases Soft Serve Twist Cones for Home

blue bunny twist cones

Blue Bunny has come out with twist cones to bring the flavor of soft-serve ice cream right into your home. I have known of the Blue Bunny brand and this product is their first cone-style product.

First of all, I love ice cream cone products because I don’t have to scoop ice cream out of the gallon jug to keep the kids quiet. You can hand them their ice cream and let them run about their business.

That said, the cones come in flavors such as chocolate peanut butter twist, chocolate vanilla twist, and more.

So did they get close to replicating that twist-serve flavor with their cones?  When they come out of the freezer, yes, the ice cream is somehow soft. I can’t figure out how they keep it soft, but Blue Bunny has definitely replicated a soft ice cream experience in a cone.

Plus, at their price point of about $5 a box, they’re so much better of a deal than waiting for the neighborhood ice cream man.  If given a choice, I’d much rather buy the kids a box of four Blue Bunny ice cream twist cones than just one hard and annoying cone from the local ice cream man.