Top Outdoor Gadgets

With the world we live in, our phones take us away from our lives too often. And with the summer weather coming towards you, an outdoor adventure is just a glance away from your smart device. Since my kids are always glued to their screens, here are some of my favorite outdoor gadgets. To help you choose your path, we have handpicked six amazing outdoor gadgets to provide an experience of a lifetime. Whether you’re looking for a new hobby or a way to share your hobby with others, any product here will fulfill all of your summer needs. So use your phone to find your next adventure, and then turn your phone off to appreciate the world around you. Sunshine brings you happiness.

image of a tentsile hanging tent as one of the top outdoor gadgets



Tentsile makes tents and hammocks that suspend in the air using only one or two trees. We took these tents with us on our family camping trip, and it was so much fun hanging in the trees and not having to worry about tiny critters getting into my bed. I have back problems, and it’s a lot more comfortable to sleep in their tents.  This company created a great solution to a lot of issues that we face on camping trips.

tiny treehouses

Tiny Treehouses

These tiny homes, attached to your outdoor plants, will add a lively sense of harmony to your yard. The kits to choose from fall in between a range of simple steps and complex works of art. The Treetop Hideaway, in particular, is slightly difficult, needing extra time for smaller parts such as the bedroom and kitchen. The lighting of the trees adds a scenic highlight to your house tours and is available in the form of a portable battery for outdoors or a USB light set for indoor plants. The best part about these Tiny Treehouses is that for every kit bought, the company donates $1 to restoring forests worldwide.

plant knight

Plant Knight

Plant Knight is a plant and tree guard. If you’re anything like me, you probably have no idea what that is. A plant guard is a cage system to protect your plants and trees from critters, weed whackers, lawn mowers, and anything else in your yard. Since the Plant Knight is made of resin, it’s resistant to all kinds of force. So, you don’t have to worry about your plants getting hurt, no matter what you’re doing on your lawn.


image of thermpro meat thermometer for barbecue as one of the top outdoor gadgets


During the summer, I love to barbecue, but it’s always tough to keep track of the temperature of all the meat I’m grilling. With the Thermopro, I can measure the temperature of two different portions of meat. And I have a portable device so I can leave my grill and hang out with my family. The Thermopro is a fantastic way to keep track of everything going on during your barbeque.



image of go find 66 metal detector as one of the top outdoor gadgets

Go Find Metal Detector

This Go Find metal detector is the perfect entry-level device for any future treasure hunter. It comes with a convenient phone stand, a digging tool, and a pair of earbuds. The fact that it’s collapsible allows you to store this hobby tool for any adventure just waiting to happen. The 10″ water coil allows for underwater detection and the five sensitivity levels added make detection in grimy waters easy. With the Go Find app, you can listen to music while hunting for treasure, and share your finds with others online.