Pull ‘N Pops: The new fidget toy you need to know about

Blue Orange Games has launched a new version of the popular fidget poppers: the Pull ‘N Pops!

image of two Pull 'n pops keychains

Just as much fun as the traditional fidgets, but with a special twist for extra satisfaction. There is a “thingy” to pull on one side of each bubble. Just pull it and hear the fun POPS!

They all feature fun designs and double as keychains so that you can pull and pop anywhere! I love the small size, they fit easily in my handbag. Whenever we need to wait somewhere, I hand them out to the kids. This gives them something to do while patiently waiting with me in line at the grocery store, for example. As a mother, I personally swear by fidget toys to occupy my children when they need to stay calm and quiet. My kids have at least one fidget toy in their restaurant-busy-bag. It truly is magic!

Pull ‘N Pops come in 10 different designs in bright colors and can be bought for a small price of $6.99 or $7.99 on the website.  The perfect stocking stuffers or handouts for birthday parties in my opinion! Add them to the Easter baskets,  or use them as special little rewards.  (Potty training anyone?)

These fidget toys can help children and adults focus their thoughts and stay calm. They have been proven to reduce stress and anxiety. But, they are also just plain fun. A great little extra gift for any occasion!

image of 3 bags of Pull 'n pops