Top Places to Order Meats Online

Father’s Day is a time for celebrating dad…as well as grilling meat. I suppose Memorial Day is also a time for grilling meat, so between the two, we have quite a few options to get some meat for the grill. One of the easiest ways I’ve found to get the cuts you want is by ordering meats online.

Below you’ll find some of our favorite places to order a variety of meats online.

Chicago Steak

chicago steak

Maybe you don’t want to go out for Father’s Day and want to grill at home.  Chicago Steak has a best-seller assortment that basically covers all of the bases.   Each cut of steak is USDA Prime which puts it in the top 2% of beef worldwide. This of course makes me concerned about the 98% of steak that we get when we go out to a restaurant!

This assortment includes 2 (6oz) Premium Angus Complete Trim Filet Mignons; 2 (10oz) Premium Angus Boneless Strips; 2 (8oz) Premium Angus Top Sirloins; and 2 (8oz) Premium Angus Ribeyes.

They are aged 4-6 weeks and individually vacuum-sealed. Plus, they come in a gift pack. But I also love that this is enough to handle Father’s Day barbeque and then some.


Linz Heritage Meats

linz steak

Linz Heritage Meats has Tomahawk Ribeyes which get shipped right to your door. This is the ultimate dad package as it comes straight to your door, fully frozen and fully seasoned. What I also loved about this is that you just can’t get this so easily. You can’t just go to the local store and pick up steaks like this. It’s so unique an angle and really stands out from any regular type of steak.  I feel like a tomahawk like this is a centerpiece of a barbecue and really can make a party.



Meatcrafters makes the ingredients to build a Father’s Day charcuterie board. I love the variables they have, as you see here, going from Brescola to Black Pepper Bacon and Chorizo.  With free shipping for orders over $100 in the USA, you can really build an entire charcuterie board and have it all set up for Father’s Day. BTW the black pepper bacon was by far my favorite!

Prairie Meat

prairie street

Prairie Street Prime provides some of the best Kosher meat around. They carry prime beef, lamb, and veal products. My Jewish friends tell me it is sometimes hard to consistently find high-quality meats. Although these come frozen they taste as if they came right from the butcher.  The beef, lamb, and veal premium ground blend made excellent burgers and meatballs. The ribeye was outstanding and pulling up a ground blend of veal just makes a unique burger you wouldn’t normally order in a restaurant.



Hosting a backyard party and want to keep things easy to plan? The BBQ Master Pack from Greensbury includes everything you need. It is exceptionally reasonable and contains 20-24 servings of organic meats that are a combination of baby back ribs, chicken wings, beef burgers, flank steak, and ribeye steak. All their beef is grass-fed, which is leaner than grain-fed, and sustainably raised. Greensbury also carries seafood, pork, lamb, and bison. I also love how this meat is shipped with each product in its own perfectly sealed and contained bag.

Holy Grail Steak
Holy Grail has a Holy Grail Steak Burger Lab Subscription, making it an excellent gift for burger lovers. I love a good burger, and Holy Grail carries American Wagyu burgers and my favorite, the 50/50 blend of American Wagyu and Heritage Kurobuta pork. Many are familiar with American Wagyu, and Kurobuta pork is on its level. It is from the famed Berkshire pig. So basically, top beef and pork in one burger- crazy juicy and good!
Good Ranchers
Good Ranchers
Good Ranchers

Good Ranchers has expertly put together boxes of antibiotic and hormone free prime and choice cuts of meats from US ranches and farms. After being hand-cut, each cut is individually packaged and shipped. We sampled items from the Ranchers Classic Box which contains a variety of steaks, burgers, and pre-trimmed chicken breasts which come preseasoned or plain. I am a steak lover and the bone-in New York strip steak was tender and delicious. I know this will sound weird, but it smelled good right out of the package. Do yourself a favor and just season with salt and pepper because you want to taste the meat not mask it.

The best part is, Good Ranchers donates ten meals per box sold to food banks.

bradshaw ranch
bradshaw ranch
Bradshaw Ranch

Yes, we’re talking about the Bradshaw in terms of Terry Bradshaw. These burgers are just like the name says, thick and juicy. They come pre-packed and ready to go. Plus, if you want to pick one up, they’re also sold right at your local Walmart. Terry teamed up with his son-in-law chef Noah Hester and now we can get the burgers like you see on tv.

rep provisions
rep provisions


Rep Provisions

What is regenerative meats? At Rep Provisions, they’re managing the animals right along nature to not only help the environment, but actually improve the land. I’ve never heard of the regenerative movement, but this is definitely worth reading. Head on over to their site and read the FAQ. These are people who not only care about their meat but they care about the land itself leading to a wonderful combination. Sure, the meat tastes good and it’s high quality but I love being able to stand behind it and feel like you’re doing good.