Top Plant Stores to Order from Online

Adding plants to your home, to me, is one of the nicest ways to brighten it up. Not only do plants clear the air, but they add that natural element of the outside into the home. We wanted to look for new places to order plants online, so here are our selections for the top places to order plants online.

image of plant from myperfectplant, online order plants post

Perfect Plants

Perfect Plants delivers healthy indoor tropical plants straight to your home. What you see is the Monstera shrub, which is considered one of the hippest types of plants that you could buy online. Everybody is talking about it. What I like is what you see in the photo here—how it was so well packed and probably one of the biggest plants I’ve seen shipped. The quality of the plant itself is top-notch and this massive size is quite impressive.



image of plant ordered from bloomscape for online order plants post


Bloomscape delivers straight from the greenhouse to the consumers’ homes. They had a few different suggestions for winter gift-giving, and the snake plant is one of the hardiest ones around. I also like that it came in a nice Ecopot. The plant itself arrived quite healthy. They’ve also launched the corporate gifting site, so I’m heading to the Board of Directors of the company. If they want to buy me any presents of a plant, this might be a good suggestion.



image of plant in glass vase and wooden frame from modern botanical for online plant orders post

Modern Botanical

Modern Botanical has one of the most unique frames with this wall set. I didn’t get the husband to hang it on the wall, but it was quite simple and I seem to love it on the shelf. I love that you can display a plant and see the roots growing. It’s just such a cool look. I’m debating where to hang this in the house, but I do love this modern style, as the name of the company suggests. It’s a unique way of almost framing the plant to demonstrate the plant itself.



Costa Farms Live Christmas Tree

Costa Farms

Costa Farms Live Christmas Tree is a beautiful and convenient way to bring the warmth and joy of the holiday season into your home. The tree is carefully grown and nurtured by the experts at Costa Farms, ensuring that it is of the highest quality and will thrive in your home for many Christmases to come.

The tree is available in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the perfect one for your space. It comes in a reusable container, making it easy to transport and store after the holiday season. The tree is also easy to care for. Simply water it regularly and keep it in a cool, well-lit location.

In addition to providing the perfect centerpiece for your holiday decorations, a live Christmas tree also has the added benefit of purifying the air in your home. The tree’s natural foliage will help to remove pollutants and improve the air quality, creating a healthier and more pleasant environment for you and your loved ones.

rosy soil
rosy soil
Rosy Earth Positive Indoor Potting Mix

I never knew so much about soil as I have learned just from Rosy Earth. The mix is made with carbon-negative biochar, plant-based compost, and root boosting mycorrhizae, which has helped my plants thrive. The mix is also peat free, coco coir free, and does not contain perlite or vermiculite, making it an eco-friendly choice.

The soil is easy to use and well-draining, and it has improved the overall health and appearance of my plants. I particularly appreciate the inclusion of mycorrhizae, which has boosted my plants’ ability to absorb water and nutrients. The packaging is also eco-friendly and the company maintains a net negative carbon footprint throughout their supply chain.