Creative and Unique Earrings – Jewelry With a Purpose

image of several pairs of earrings from three different companies - jewelry with a purpose

Custom jewelry usually draws me by style or colors. I really never analyzed it based on a specific purpose of why the designer made this piece of jewelry.  It actually made me look at it in a whole different light. Now, it has a meaning behind it and this meaning is powerful. It was developed from someone’s passion. I felt better about wearing it and being part of that love that went into creating it.

I want to discuss the three companies that started with an idea and created something beautiful and unique with a powerful meaning.

Revive Charitable Jewelry

Revive Charitable Jewelry designs jewelry based on cancer or diseased cells.  I know this sounds a little crazy at first, I thought so too until I heard that the owner of the company wanted to make a difference.  She lost family due to cancer and she wanted to find a way to give back to help find a cure. Ten percent of the gross profit of the purchase you make goes directly to the non-profit organization.  The jewelry is beautifully designed and the clasp is made well on the pancreatic purple earrings. They are sure to strike up a conversation. It’s a win-win when you spread awareness and support research.

Purpose Wear Freedom

Purpose Wear Freedom has beautiful handmade jewelry.  The solstice hoops are light and fashionable. Every item you purchase from Purpose is handmade by women and girls escaping human trafficking.  It’s buying jewelry with a purpose. Your purchase will help empower women to be able to work, have access to education, and get health insurance.   All these positive things while leaving behind a dangerous life.

Next Door Goddess

Vicky founded Next Door Goddess. Her jewelry’s purpose is to revive that inner goddess in us. The company believes every woman should sparkle, so they also donate a percentage of all sales to In Kind Boxes. With every purchase, they support postpartum moms and babies in need in the USA.  Also a Greek woman, I understand Vicky wanting women to be bold,  beautiful, and especially confident. Her beautiful stylish hoops are hand-crocheted black drops, lightweight, and will definitely dress up any plain outfit. Watch out, Miss America!

This holiday season, why not give a gift with purpose?  The jewelry is unique, creative, and has meaning.