Top “Stay At Home” Gifts

We have been checking out a few of these great items that all scream the importance of “staying at home”.  These days that really is most important.  Consider grabbing up a few of these as last minute holiday gifts this year.

Color Street Nail Strips: Do we feel comfortable going to the salon? For many of us the answer to that question is no.  Color street offers awesome color/glitter/nail art design options that are simple to do put on in the comfort of your home.  All you do is remove the clear cover, peel off the polish strip, remove the tab, apply to your nail (stretching to make it fit nice and tight) and then gently file to remove any excess.  I honestly watched one video and was on my way to being a pro.  You remove them with regular nail polish.  Instant, perfect manicure.

Cold-Q: say you feel a cold coming on.  I know; even that is worrisome and completely stressful.  Consider Cold-Q, which is this great and all natural oral spray that stops the cold before it starts.  It contains an amazing mixture of medicinal ingredients which help boost your immune system and fight off congestion etc.  For just under $30 per bottle, I know I feel better having this all ready for me in my medicine chest.

Sanikind: now this is a great stocking stuffer for you.  This is super convenient refillable sanitizer kit that is basically has endless uses and holds about 460+ sprays.  The refill bottle ($11) pours easily into the Sanikind Mini ($16) (using the funnel makes it mess free).  Each bottle is unscented and can refill the mini about ten times.  They sell them in sets so you can have one for all of your family members.  My clips easily to my purse and I am on my way.

Annie Taylor Design: such a great gift for your coworker, teacher, friends – really anyone!  The quality is amazing; my family is loving the notepads.  A great checklist pad that outlines everything for your babysitter or house sitter ($14) .  I use my Honey Do List pad ($8) each day to gently “remind” the hubby to run an errand for me.  Great signs also available that all have such positive messages; who doesn’t need one of those these days!  Please check out all this great company has to offer.  Simply a gift for everyone here!

Portable Ultraviolet Disinfection Rod: This is your battery operated germicidal savior when you are out and about.  It is super lightweight and powered by AAA batteries.  This is great for items like your office phone, computer, toys and more.  All you have to do is brush it on a surface for 20 seconds and you are good to go.  A must for your purse/tote and under $20 making it a much needed stocking stuffer.