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Can I just say I am loving subscription boxes this year?  They have been a saving grace in the boredom and cabin fever and stress that has defined 2020.  Subscription boxes have offered our family something to excited about each month, activities to do together, and some fun learning experiences that are hands on with our daughter.  They have helped with sparking our creativity, imagination, and provided some weekend activities of being “in the moment” as a family while doing something together.  It has been a breath of fresh air in a year that has been pretty overwhelming, and as 2021 approaches, we are looking forward to continuing to learn and to make these boxes part of our family traditions.  Below are some of the best that we have found and tried.  Each company offers different subscription offers (1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, etc) and they can be customized for one time gifts or ongoing.  They have different boxes for different age groups, so it is easy to find a box that best fits the kid(s) you have in mind.  Right now is the perfect time to sign up since they are all having holiday deals!  So sign up and enjoy a new adventure and activities each month.

Green Kids Crafts Discovery Boxes– Nature Based STEAM boxes for kids from ages 2-5, ages 5-10, and ages 10+. 

Green Kid Crafts boxes are nature-based STEAM projects for kids.  Each box comes with 4-6 different activities each month that align with that month/box’s theme, as well as a 12 page magazine to help explore and explain the science and crafts.  Help kids explore science in their own world all around them with themes such as animals, rainbows, volcanoes, transportation, weather, and different ecosystems.  They even have boxes for those that love slime and to explore the “sweet” and sugary sciences!  The boxes expertly incorporate both science and art in each of the activities, and the different crafts and projects are age appropriate based on which box you get.  The Jr. Box is designed for ages 2-5 and we tried the rainbow science box.  Our 4 year old loved the hands on activities, and even my husband enjoyed it and sharing his love of science with her.  Green Kids Crafts was founded by a mom, scientist, and environmental activist, and each box not only helps spread excitement and learning, but the company also plants a tree for each order.  Get more information and order your own at

Little Justice Leaders- Social Justice learning and activities for age K-6th grade

This year has really been an eye opener and forced everyone to take a harder look at the social justice issues in today’s society instead of overlooking them if we don’t personally experience them.  Little Justice Leaders boxes are designed to help teach kids (and parents!) about the various issues in our society and world and foster more understanding, empathy, and activism in the next generation.  These are neat and engaging boxes that help bring some tough topics and ideas into the home and provides the parents ways to explain and teach social justice to kids from a young age.  Each month’s box covers a different social justice topic such as anti-racism, equal rights, and LGBTQ+.  The boxes come with different books, crafts, and hands on activities or games, stickers, worksheets, and cards with tips for parents and resources for parents.  Making the world a better place for our children includes teaching them about social justice and increasing understanding and acceptance/activism of different levels, and Little Justice Leaders is a great start for any family!  Learn more at

In Kidz with Love Culture Boxes

In Kidz with Love Culture Boxes is the perfect opportunity to give the gift this holiday season of expanding a child’s world through touch, play, and learning.  Promoting understanding, empathy, and connection to others who might be different from us is so needed in today’s environment, and In Kidz allows a chance to help the next generation have a world of “Connecting Lives, Building Tribes.”  Each box contains different items and activities related to that month’s country or culture.  What I loved is that each box is put together by another parent from that particular country or culture, ensuring that it is respectful to that country/culture.  The boxes each include a flag, recipe card, sensory toy, activities for the family, and educational materials (anything from a map to flash cards).  Order one or more with a child in your life with a single box, or sign up for a subscription, and give them the gift of embracing diversity with an In Kidz With Love Culture Box.  Check out options and pricing at

Little GF Chefs

Little GF Chefs is a subscription kit that is gluten free, artificial dye free, and allergen free from the most common 8 food allergens.  Their recipes are also vegan friendly, and they can substitute ingredients for any vegan needs.  They also give suggestions and guidance about substitutions and modifications for the recipes to suit any dietary needs.The Little GF Chefs kits come with all the dry ingredients, decorating ingredients, and a baking tool for the selected recipe.  The boxes can either be ordered as a one time purchase, or as a subscription for anywhere between 1-12 months.  What’s nice about that is it an be a regular treat, or given as a gift for a family member or friend, or you can order extra of a certain recipe if you need more for a special occasion.  There is a new recipe added each month, and all the older recipes are still available for purchase on the website as well.  The kits are very reasonably priced and easy to order at

Little Learning Hands World Explorers

Little Learning Hands World Explorers is a 5 star rated option for expanding your child’s horizons while safe at home.  The subscription boxes can be purchased individually, or you can sign up for 3, 6, or 12 months and the price per box gets cheaper the more months you sign up for at a time.  Another perk is that shipping is free!  The Little Learning Hands boxes boast that they are “Where little hands play and little minds grow”, and each month will provide opportunities for just that.  Each box comes with a flag for that country and a booklet about the country of the month and the booklet is very informative and makes it easy for even the younger kids to understand and get excited about.  There are two recipe cards in each box for some popular dishes from that box’s country.  The recipe cards give you a shopping list/ingredient list, list of kitchen supplies needed, and easy step by step instructions to follow.  The Little Learning Hands boxes also each come with two activities that promote creativity and experiential learning.  The first staple for each box is a 3D puzzle of a famous landmark or item from that month’s country.  Get your own family’s subscription to expanded horizons and enjoyable family activities at

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