Top Teas

Top Teas

Tea, the beloved elixir of life, can transport you to distant lands and soothe your soul. It’s a diverse world of flavors, and today, we invite you to embark on a remarkable journey with us as we review some of the most distinguished tea purveyors. Each of these establishments offers a unique experience that will elevate your daily tea ritual and provide a glimpse into the captivating stories behind these tea brands.

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From Great Origins

Imagine a world where tea isn’t just a soothing beverage but a powerhouse of health and vitality. From Great Origins (FGO) has turned this vision into a reality with its exceptional selection of superteas and superfoods. Sourced from trusted partners worldwide, FGO’s offerings are a testament to the extraordinary potential of superplants.

What sets FGO apart is its unwavering commitment to quality. Every tea, powder, or flower that bears the FGO label has undergone rigorous testing and scrutiny. It doesn’t cut if it doesn’t meet the criteria of being true “super” in terms of flavor, health benefits, and sourcing standards. This dedication to excellence ensures that each sip from an FGO product is not just a moment of indulgence but a step towards a healthier and happier you.

The Tea Spot

The Tea Spot

Stepping into The Tea Spot is akin to entering a sanctuary where wellness and sustainability are at the forefront of every endeavor. Founded by CEO Maria Uspenski, this women-owned tea business is about much more than just delivering a great cup of tea; it’s about positively impacting the world, one sip at a time.

One of the remarkable aspects of The Tea Spot’s mission is its commitment to giving back. With a pledge to donate 10% of its profits to wellness programs, this tea brand ensures that every purchase you make enhances your well-being and contributes to the betterment of communities in need. Beyond its philanthropic efforts, The Tea Spot has earned its stripes with its SFQ certification for impeccable food safety and quality standards, providing you with the utmost assurance of the purity and safety of every cup you brew.


Numi Tea

Numi Tea is the virtuoso of tea flavors, inviting you to embark on a sensory journey worldwide. Their range of teas is a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and diversity, offering a taste for every palate.

Imagine savoring an Aged Earl Grey from Italy, where organic Assam tea is lovingly aged with the fragrant essence of authentic Italian bergamot. It’s a cup of tea that not only tantalizes your taste buds but also transports you to the sun-soaked citrus groves of Italy. On the other hand, Numi Tea’s hearty Breakfast Blend is a harmonious blend of traditional morning teas from Assam, Ceylon, and Darjeeling. With every sip, you’ll experience the brisk and robust flavors these renowned tea regions offer, creating a symphony of tastes perfect for kick-starting your day.

Numi Tea doesn’t stop there. Their diverse range includes teas like Moroccan Mint, where the refreshing essence of Mint meets the enchanting flavors of North Africa. This blend offers a cooling and refreshing experience, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a vital tea moment. Additionally, Numi Tea presents Mate Lemon, a South American elixir that combines Brazilian Yerba Mate, Australian Lemon Myrtle, and green tea to unfold into a lemony delight with sweet, earthy undertones. Numi Tea invites you to explore the world through your teacup, offering tea enthusiasts a delightful and educational experience.

Upton Tea Imports

Upton Tea Imports

Welcome to Upton Tea Imports, where flavor blooms with every sip. This renowned tea purveyor offers extensive and diverse teas to suit every palate and occasion. Explore their Ginger Carrot Beetroot Herbal Blend, a caffeine-free infusion that delivers warmth and zest, perfect for both mornings and evenings.

Discover the soothing Chamomile Organic, with its deep-yellow, buttery smooth cup, providing a moment of tranquility whenever you need it. Or invigorate your senses with the highly aromatic Peppermint Organic, a refreshing escape that brightens any time of day. Lastly, indulge in the delightful Rote Grütze, a naturally flavored herbal tea that combines grapes, elderberries, blueberries, and hibiscus with a subtle hint of sugar cookie sweetness. Upton Tea Imports transforms your tea-drinking experience into a flavorful journey, ensuring each sip is an adventure in taste and aroma.

Vegan Hood Total Tea
VeganHood’s Total Tea

Elevate your wellness routine with VeganHood’s Total Tea, a decadently balanced blend of hand-picked spices and herbs coupled with the naturally healing power of Soursop, dates, Ginger, Burdock root, Chamomile, Hibiscus, Sarsaparilla Root, and Elderberries. This exquisite elixir is more than just a beverage; it’s a nourishing potion designed to tantalize your senses and invigorate your body and mind.

Crafted to perfection, VeganHood’s Total Tea seamlessly merges the beneficial properties of traditional spices and aromatic herbs with the nourishing goodness of Soursop leaves. The result is a nutrient-dense, antioxidant-rich beverage that offers myriad health benefits, including boosted immunity, improved digestion, and increased tranquility, all in alignment with VeganHood’s commitment to plant-based wellness.

From the gently warming notes of ginger to the fragrant hints of lemongrass and cinnamon, every sip takes you on a journey of surprising and delightful flavors. Whether you brew it hot for a calming evening ritual or serve it chilled as a mid-day invigorating escape, VeganHood’s Total Tea promises an engaging complexity of flavors and sustainable health benefits. It’s your invitation to savor the symphony of exquisite tastes while nurturing your well-being.

The Whistling kettle

The Whistling Kettle

If you’re looking for the ultimate tea experience this summer, The Whistling Kettle has you covered. This independent specialty loose-leaf tea-centric restaurant and retailer is causing a stir with its exceptional Iced Teas, and it’s not just due to the soaring temperatures and global warming. Recent revelations about manufactured sweeteners in prepackaged teas have led discerning tea lovers to seek out high-quality, natural alternatives, and The Whistling Kettle is the go-to destination for such enthusiasts.

One standout from their summer lineup is the Purple Papayaberry, a blend that defies expectations. This instant hit combines the sweetness of papaya berry with a hint of tart hibiscus, complemented by apple, rosehips, and orange. It’s naturally caffeine-free, making it a refreshing choice for any time of day. Another delightful option is the Kettle Iced Tea Blend, crafted to evoke the classic Southern-style iced tea. It’s a robust and versatile blend that’s exceptional when combined with lemonade to create the timeless Arnold Palmer. Try the Strawberry Guava tea if you’re craving a burst of fruity goodness. This blend features the flavors of fresh summer strawberries and tropical guava, delivering a perfect balance of sweetness and tartness. Lastly, the Vineyard Peach Strawberry tea is an absolute summer favorite. This tea pairs the refreshing bite of black tea with the classic flavors of strawberry and peach. It’s the ideal choice to settle your stomach after indulging in summer treats. So, whether you’re sipping Purple Papayaberry by the pool, enjoying a Kettle Iced Tea Blend at a barbeque, relishing Strawberry Guava on a sunny afternoon, or savoring Vineyard Peach Strawberry at a picnic, The Whistling Kettle is your destination for a summer tea sensation.


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