Top 10 Spas in LA

Hi guys my name is Nick Hounslow. I wanted to share with you all my top 10 favorite places for re-energizing yourself. I am always researching, testing and trying to find new ways in which to better myself, my health or boost my wellness. It’s definitely an ever changing journey that for me will probably never end. I love seeing what works and what doesn’t. When I say ‘energize’ what I mean is find ways in which you can naturally and healthily boost anything from your health, energy, mental alertness to your skin, digestion and overall wellbeing. Living in Los Angeles I feel we have an abundance of the latest fads, trends and activities to help us in this quest. So I have compiled a list of the top 10 tricks to energize and help yourself stay alert, strong and full of life. Some are local and others involve some travel. Some are maybe obvious whereas others are options you might not have considered. I hope you enjoy this list as much as I did creating it for you!

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Top 10 Spas in LA


I love this office. Not only are they a full primary care physicians office but they also offer Vitamin injections, IV drips with a whole range of cool nutrients including NAD+ which is one of the latest exciting ingredients in IV bags. IV vitamin cocktails are perfect if you are feeling a little run down and need a pick me up and immune boost not to mention deep cellular hydration (also perfect if you find yourself a little hungover). Speak to Eric at the office for all your infusion questions and to schedule an appointment. Mention myself and this article to receive 10% off your first IV infusion.


This is the ultimate juice and smoothie bar. Offering custom tonics and tinctures to help most ailments. I always find myself here if I am getting sick and need a boost of lemon, ginger, garlic, oregano oil and cayenne pepper in one spicy shot. Nothing fights of a virus like it! Their protein shakes and smoothies are also amazing…insider tip: they have a whole secret menu most don’t know about. My fav secret smoothie….order a ‘lucky charm’ shake. It literally tastes like the milk after a bowl of lucky charms cereal and IT’S HEALTHY!


Ok, so this isn’t exactly LA based BUT trust me you need to know about this! Taking care of your skin, the largest organ of your body is crucial. Especially if you live in a Sun drenched climate like Los Angeles. The sun feels great but doesn’t help keep your skin healthy. Nilam is one of the worlds top skin care and beauty experts in the world. Her Spa in the UK is usually my first stop as I land back in the UK. They offer cutting edge treatments to keep your skin looking amazing and healthy. Everything from laser to hydrafacials to my personal favorite the ‘Collagenwave’ which is a warm wand that is used over the face delivering radio frequency to help rejuvenate your skin. Like I said the only thing is that she is UK based so if you travel to my home country then you must book yourself a day here and do it all!


I was introduced to infrared light therapy once during a face treatment from the world renowned @Nilamholmes (previously mentioned in number 3). Amazing health + skin benefits can be seen from use of blue, red and infrared light exposure. Unlike the damaging effects of UV light these specific wavelengths can help skin prone to acne to reducing wrinkles and sun damage to alleviating and helping injury recovery. At Next Health they have a full LED bed with over 13,000 high intensity LED bulbs. That’s a lot of healing power! You can book your session and test it out for yourself at their Century City & West Hollywood location.


 This amazing Chinese foot spa has a few locations around LA. Using the ancient art of Chinese reflexology to heal you mind, body and soul. A 40min foot massage is only $35 and you will feel a million bucks after I swear! There are more than 7000 nerve endings in your feet so by targeting and manipulating these nerve endings it is believed they can improve the flow of energy to areas affected by illness or stress.


Ok so I might be a little biased here as I have been part of this indoor cycling studio since we opened the doors back in 2011. However, even though I’m a founding member I can honestly say after teaching classes here for 8 years nothing feels like the sweat of 64 people giving it their all to amazing beats in a club like studio. The energy is electrifying. I promise if you take my class you will leave cleansed, motivated and energized.


The only thing that comes close to sweating out in a spin class at Cyclehouse with me is sweating it out in a hot yoga class at Modo. They really help me stretch and release tension. I leave this studio feeling so energized and calm. The best part is they have a huge range of classes for all levels so you can start slow and build your way up.


This was one of the coolest experiences ever. You are literally immersed into a virtual world that appears all around you. Upon arrival you are fitted with your headset and hand and feet sensors. This is available at the Century City Mall in Los Angeles and the North Park Center Dallas Texas. I highly recommend the Alien Zoo experience. I felt like I had been thrust into the movie Avatar. Talk about waking up your senses!


Escape rooms have sprung up all over the US. In short they are incredibly well planned out puzzle rooms that you get locked in until you can solve all the clues to get yourself out. I recently went to Quest Room in Korea town with some friends. It was awesome! I highly recommend their escape rooms and the staff were super helpful and friendly. We attempted the ‘Da Vinci’s Challenge’ room. This will really get you thinking and wake up parts of your brain you didn’t know existed!


Even though I am not Vegan I always love the food here. It is fresh and really tasty. All meals are plant based made from high quality nutrient dense locally sourced farm foods. They believe that food is medicine so it seems a perfect No.10 on my list to nourish the body and soul from within. I highly recommend the Magical black bean burger and Awakening Key Lime Pie!

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