Lady M Cakes for Mother’s Day

Lady M delivers cakes right to your doorstep. What you see here is the tiramisu which is, of course, one of my favorites.


Now everybody will tell you that this with that cake is delicious. I’m not going to focus the review on this. Of course, the cake is delicious. Have you ever heard somebody say that they hate Tiramisu?

What makes this different is the care and concern that they put into packaging.  See, whenever I order something online, well I find half the time it comes damaged lately. I just literally had an unrefrigerated lobster at my front door. I’m not kidding! The darn thing was sitting there with melted ice and dancing.

The other half the time it comes crushed and damaged.  You should see how often I send the husband off to Kohls just to return half the stuff we order.

What makes this awesome is the care that you see in this picture.  Under the cake, is two blocks of dry ice. Not regular ice, but the kind of dry ice that makes for wondrous science experiments.

On top of it, you’ll see they even include a cake knife? I mean who even does that any more?  For a gift, it’s perfect as you don’t even have to think about it.


Lastly, it all comes shipped in this beautiful container so it’s also perfect if you’re bringing it to an event.

Sure, the cake tasted amazing, but it’s more the security that if they put this much care into their products you know you’re safe for a holiday gift.