Top Toys Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Maybe it’s a generational thing, but at this point, if a mom doesn’t put a toy on their kid’s Amazon wish list, I’m pretty much lost. I have no idea what kids like to play with unless it’s basically spelled out for me. So what do you get the kid when you don’t have their wish list spelled out? That’s why we made this top list of top toys to get kids.


Toys for 6 to 10 Age Group

pre teen 2022

In this shot, you see a variety of stuff that really goes quite well for that 6 to 10 age group. The Cake-N-Bake Challenge is great for when you have a group of kids and is a great party game. Sometimes, if I like the kid, I might wanna throw a Holiday Popper right on the outside of the box so they have something to get excited about before they open it.

Giga Bots, I would describe as a transforming robot, and when I showed this particular one to my nephew, he went crazy, so that certainly means something.

I personally loved the idea of the Zip Linx because I feel like it’s an advanced form of building. I’ll watch it and have no idea how the kids build it, but it launches things across the room, and you can imagine the kids love it.

Finally, you have the Playmobil Air Stunt Show. I grew up with Playmobil, so this is just awesome. Except now I’m wondering why it feels like these Playmobils are so much cooler than I ever grew up with.




Eeboo has a funny-sounding name but makes those toys and puzzles that just have a nice timeless, classic look to them. I feel like this is a very easy and safe go-to because what kid does not like a classic puzzle? In fact, I am in love with the middle one which is “A Happy Holiday,”  because I just think it’s like so nice to sit around the fireplace and do a puzzle as a family.


The Gift Box Ornament Decorator by Hey Buddy Hey Pal


The Gift Box Ornament Decorator by Hey Buddy Hey Pal is a great toy that is also an activity for the day of Christmas. It says that it’s for 3 and up, but it really is a very good activity for the entire family. I love presents that can also be activities on Christmas day so that we hopefully do something better than just watching the TV.


Project Genius

true genius

Project Genius makes puzzles that are a great toy for that older teen. I also love that these puzzles have a classic look to them, so they definitely will be enjoyed for years. This is not the kind of gift somebody gets and throws away.


Blue Orange Games

stocking stuffers

Sometimes you need a nice stocking stuffer, and you see these definitely will fit in a stocking. They’re mini-games, but easily are the size that you can fit in the stocking, or do what I did, which is hide a present in the tree itself. You’ll see in this photo Burger ASAP, Freeze Dance, Junk Jumble, and Bubble Stories. Each of these is from Blue Orange Games and is really an easy, quick gift.


Art Therapy Kit by OEFY

art therapy kit

I do have one teen who is an absolute art addict, so I figured I wanted to do something above and beyond. What’s cool about an Art Therapy Kit is it really is a serious art kit, but especially in the time of Covid when every kid seems to be having challenges, it’s a great way to get them to express their feelings. This particular one is by OEFY, which has its own shop right on Amazon!