Great CBD Products For The New Year

Here are some great CBD products for our fresh start/New Year.

Mirthemp: this company offers many great premium CBD products.  We are loving their CBD Gummy Bears (10 mg each) ($30).  These are hemp oil infused and THC Free.  They are also non-GMO and gluten free as well.  You can satisfy your sweet tooth but also pick up the great medicinal values of the hemp.  Great for anxiety, pain and calm.

B Great Hemp Products: the entire fantastic product line is perfect for all natural relief to stress, aches and pains or if you just need some extra help focusing at work.  Great options for any issue you may have actually (sleep deprivation, focus, immune support, anti-aging and relief/recovery).  Their Hemp Lip Defense ($10) is your mint flavored new favorite lip balm that contains 25 mg of CBD.  Hemp Antioxidant ($34.99) will help you get rid of those pesky “mom bags” under your eyes.  100 mg of CBD here and one truly amazing lavender scent.  Hemp Relief & Recovery ($34.99) is really helping the hubby with his pain.  The cream is easy to use and provides calming relief.  Has a great citrus scent.  I think my favorite item in their line are their Immune Gummies ($16).  These you can take each day as a “shield” for your body as we head into this pandemic world.  They have elderberry, zinc and vitamin C.  You must try these.

Trim by SunMed ($98): These are the most perfect and natural approach to losing that holiday weight.  They are stimulant and caffeine free and contain THC=V, CBD-V and tumeric.  They expertly reduce cravings.  All you need to do is take one a day.  I have been trying them out for a few days now and can honestly say I have stopped the unnecessary snacking.  You can lose up to 18 pounds in about 3 months time!

Check out these awesome products!