Top Wine Packages You Can Order Right Now – 2020

With Covid-19 for some reason I’ve been losing wines constantly. Like Momma used to have 10 bottles of wine, and after 7 nights magically 7 disappeared.  I have no idea why, but it couldn’t be the stress of quarantine times makes me drink a bottle a night. No shot.

So now I’m forced to order wines, but where can I order online? Who will help me fill the gap of wine in my life.

    Anarchist Wine Co
I think judging a book by the cover, but don’t know if this wine bottles just look so cool. They have probably some of the most artistically design labels I’ve ever seen. Sure they are a great tasting Napa wine but one is easily distracted by the gorgeous labels of each bottle.
Each of the bottles we checked out were blends And our favorite in particular had to be, “The Philosopher”. A mix of a cab and a Merlot and a nice balance of all the above






Vara Wines

Vara Home

Who would’ve thought New Mexico had wines but here we are learning that fact! These are Spanish wines right in the heart of New Mexico. But what I love so much about these wines are the history. I never knew that New Mexico has a long and vast wine making history. The history of wine making in New Mexico is over 390 years old and I think that Vara is bringing this story right back on the map.







Oliver Winery
Where to start the story because there are so many interesting angles. The vineyard themselves are 100% employee owned and shockingly the only one in the country that does that. Like shouldn’t more than one in the country exist ? And this is all based in Indiana! Like who would’ve thought of Indiana!
They make wines that are a little different as you can see with the Apple Pie which is a 100% Applewine as the name implies and is only available seasonally. The blueberry Muscato is also a really unique angle and tastes amazing.






Martha’s Entertaining Half Case
Wine Insiders
Martha Stewart herself curated this mix of wine for wine insiders. I love the fact as it has such a nice variety. I feel like a lot of times I’m looking to buy wine for somebody and struggling to decide which to get them so I love the fact of this combo gives you quite a few bottles for a really affordable package.








Flo Wines
Created by Jazz Keyboardist Marcus Johnson, Flo Is rated one of the top 10 celebrity wines by USA today.We tried both the Chardonnay as well as the red blend. My favorite was actually the red blend which had a really nice balance it felt like it could go with just about anything.