Topperfino – The perfect topper for your cappuccino


If you love chocolate, and you love coffee as I do, then you probably love them together. Topperfino brings the two together beautifully. Literally.

There are countless flavored coffees and flavored coffee syrups, creamers, and other lovely coffee condiments, but not all of them are aesthetically pleasing. The creator of Topperfino is also an artist. So, when he came up with the idea to make a chocolate that you could float on the top of your coffee or cappuccino, he needed it to be a work of art.

A round disk of decorative Artisan Belgium chocolate that melts as it float, creates a sumptuous mocha. Topperfino is the perfect “treat yourself to something special” that’s not too expensive. Their decadent designs come in classic swirls, modern dots, and messages such as “Congratulations” or “Merry Christmas.” You can even order one with musical notation on it. There’s something for everyone, something alluring and something sensational. Something that would make a great gift.

Try it, you won’t be disappointed, especially with the dark chocolate. It may seem silly, but seeing the art in my drink makes me feel special.

Bonus: Right now Topperfino is offering a holiday special (Oct. 15 – Dec. 20, 2016). If you buy any 2 Topperfino boxes, you’ll get free shipping. Just use the code “HOLIDAY2016.”

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