Wholesome! Fair Trade Certified Organic Frosting


What comes to mind when you think of having holiday meals at grandma’s house? Good food? A warm, safe place? Friends and family? I think of all of those things, and it makes me feel thankful. This year, I’m thankful for something else as well, Wholesome! Fair Trade Certified Organic Frosting.

That may sound weird, but Fair Trade Certified is something important to me. For something to be Fair Trade Certified it must be produced using environmentally friendly methods AND safe, healthy working conditions. Considering the state of the planet currently, and all the people around the world who have so much less to be thankful for, it makes me feel like I can make a difference with one purchase. The new organic frosting released by Wholesome! is one such product.

Wholesome! organic frostings are also non-GMO verified, gluten-free, naturally vegan, and kosher certified. They use alternative sweeteners and sugars that add to the healthiness of the frostings, but don’t detract from the flavor. You can get them in chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry. They even come in recyclable BPA-free jars.

This year, as I’m spreading smooth, sweet Wholesome! organic frosting on my cupcakes and cookies, I’m going to know I’m doing something good for my family and the world. I love my grandmother’s cooking, but this year, I’m doing the frosting!

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