TowerBall for Springtime Fun!

Tower Ball
Tower Ball

The weather is getting warmer and we can all gather and be outside and play sports and have fun!  We got to check out this amazing outdoor game this past weekend and wanted to immediately share it with you!

TowerBall ($189.99): This is great for all ages and all group sizes.  Talk about perfect for any occasion!

Here is what you get: the 4-sided collapsible tower pieces, 8 soft hackey balls, and a really awesome backpack carrying case.  The backpack, I want to mention, is super sturdy so you will have no issue whatsoever carrying it down to the beach/cabana, etc.  Tower weighs about 15 pounds and measures 3 feet high by 2 feet wide.

Really easy to play—all you do is give each team or player 4 balls.  Each side holds a different point value (side one with one hole, 1 point, and so on).  At the end of all four sides, the person or team with the most points is the winner.   My personal favorite features include the fact that you can play in all types of weather.  Out in the snow, at the park, poolside, and quite honestly indoors since it is all really soft-touch.  Phones are totally out of the picture and everyone is outside having good, clean fun.  Check it out!