Emergen-C Released Their Own Ashwagandha

Emergenc-C AshwagandhaIt feels as if there’s a big movement towards Ashwagandha lately. Now that Emergen-C has released their version of Ashwagandha, I’m not sure if this is further jumping on the bandwagon or a form of justification.

See, I love the company Emergen-C, as I’m basically used to taking them every darn time I go anywhere on the planet. Of course, it didn’t help me through Covid, but I think we all caught omicron in the end. My issue is that once I find everyone taking something, it gets me a bit nervous as if it’s a new fad. A few years back, I was getting quite concerned when everyone was taking CBD. At one point, I remember all the moms at soccer practice were basically asking each other who was taking it, and now it has reached the point the entire crowd is taking Ashwagandha.

So when I saw Emergen-C produce their own version of Ashwagandha, it did make me wonder if this was a new fad or something else. That’s all been running through my anxious little mind, which probably goes to speak to the trust factor of the brand Emergen-C. I’ve used it for years getting on planes, so now I was more than willing to try Ashwagandha once I saw Emergen-C produce their own version.

I can’t really say whether it truly calmed me down or not, but I definitely felt something. Maybe it was eating happy gummies, or maybe it was just trusting the mere fact that I took something. Either way, Emergen-C is out with their own version of Ashwagandha.