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Anyone who knows me is aware I am a little bit germ-phobic.  The airport while traveling is simply no exception.  We are traveling with little ones, even infants as parents and its super hard to make sure everyone is free from the plethora of germs and badness that lingers in a crowed place like that.  Savvy Traveler brings us single-use packets and really awesome travel kits that make our travel experience a more healthy process.  My family was treated to trying out these fantastically innovative products on our recent family trip.  Freaky Klean offers Klean Offz surface wipes that remove 99% of contaminants from your travel surface.  Klean Upz are hand and body wipes that remove germs from the skin while providing aloe and vitamin E.

One thing I personally complain about during warm weather travel is how gross it is to be wearing flip-flops and have to remove them during security checks.  The thought of my feet touching the floor grosses me out so much I actually avoid my shoe of choice and opt for a sock/sneaker concept.  I don’t have to do that any longer with Safe-T Stepz sole protectors.  I simply popped the comfortable shield to my foot and carried on with the process.  You can also attach these to the bottom of you shoe to prevent slipping and sliding (what parent isn’t tripping over themselves with kids, bags and mayhem!)  The Jet Set package helped me feel refreshed and new for the next step of our fun adventure.  My No Sweat antiperspirant wipe helped me smell fresh as a daisy as it was just so darn hot outside.  I think my favorite product in the entire line was Speak Easy, a clever mouth wipe that you use on your mouth and gums for instant great breath!  Take Offz are super soft and conditioning facial wipes that took my makeup oil and daily grime away and left me feeling super hydrated and clean.  The hint of cucumber sealed the deal for this momma!  There is so much more! Please visit and make your next trip so much healthier!

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