My kids have lots of snack instructions these days.  Food allergies are on a major rise for children; some of the scariest ones being airborne.  Most if not all classrooms are now peanut / nut free and there are designated tables in the cafeteria for those eating items that contain nuts.  Most snacks must be individually packaged by the manufacturer with label so we know where the item was processed.  There is simply NO room for error.

My daughter, the eternal PB & J fan was super thrilled to try out Wowbutter, a 100% peanut free butter spread that tastes, smells and has texture just like the real thing!  This innovative product was made especially for peanut, nut, gluten dairy and egg free facilities.  It is a natural source of Omega-3 contains all 9 essential amino acids (PB usually contains 6) and has the perfect amount of Vitamin E, Folic Acid, Calcium and Fiber.  It is terrific for both cooking and baking.  There are no additives and preservatives so you can be assured you are serving your child the very best.  So what is it made of? Glad you asked; toasted soy, soy oil, cane sugar and sea salt.  Of course we were skeptics in this house.  How could it really taste like peanut butter?? Well: we.were.wrong.  Not only is it delicious, in a taste test my daughter really enjoyed wowbutter and asked for more!  This comes at a terrific time as I was trying to sell her on almond butter and her “picky kid” tastes really didn’t appreciate it.

Please visit for more information.  Wowbutter is available in both creamy and crunchy options.  Super unique are the peanut free stickers the product comes with so you can safely label your child’s lunch.  It is the new necessity for school lunches in my home; hopefully it does the trick for you as well!


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