Tropic Spa Home Mist Tanning System

Winter is here and our summer beach tans are a vision of the past.  If you want to keep that color going, consider the wonderful “Home Mist Tanning System” from the good people of “Tropic Spa”.  This is truly an awesome product that I had the pleasure of putting to the test.  No time you think to do this? Well; it’s literally 12 seconds of mist and then your tan will grow over a few hours.  Each refill is easy to set up so you get a perfect tan each time and do not have to worry about mixing the solution yourself.  You come complete with enough kits for 10 tans and can order new refills no worries!  This will save you time and money at a local tanning salon not to mention being able to do this super easy process from the comfort of your home!  I just want to mention this is no assembly whatsoever and less than a half of a minute and done.  This is a completely rechargeable system and extremely light in weight and easy to carry.  The tan seems to last around a week and to me, there is no way to “over spray” or ruin the tan.  “Tropic Spa Home Mist Tanning System” retails for around $299.95 making it a great holiday gift for the special someone in your life!  Refills also available; the website is

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